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Gbajabiamila And Dubai’s Connection

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It is a joy of everybody to celebrate his or her aged mother but questions will always be asked when the fanfare goes beyond moderation.

Members of the public will easily ask questions about the money spent at the occasion if the person celebrating his mother is a public office holder like the Speaker, House of Representatives, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila.

The speaker flew his 90-year-old mother, relatives and friends to Dubai last week to have a birthday bashing.

Of course, his friends could have done this for him but the fact that he is a leader in a country that is regarded as the headquarters of poverty, Gbajabiamila could have influenced how to celebrate her mother in a moderate manner.

Our politicians live ostentatious life. Our system of government is so expensive that almost all our politicians are millionaires.

They depend on State funds to make ends meet, yet, the critical sectors of our socio-economy are falling into pieces.

The noise about our public servants seeking medical check abroad is deafening enough to teach a political office holder a lesson not to go on Jamboree abroad.

Gbajabiamila does not need to steal to declare festival of money as he did in Dubai, an average member of the House of Representatives takes over N36 million monthly.

A senator, Shehu Sani once disclosed that an average Senator takes as much as N39 million monthly not to talk of the principal officers at the National Assembly.

Gbajabiamila is one of the longest-serving lawmakers in Nigeria. He is stinkingly rich.

But it is astonishing that Gbajabiamila’s flamboyant life is the opposite of his words.

Listen to Gbajabiamila, you will think he is a conservative person. If he was in the opposition party, Gbajabiamila would be the first to criticise the Dubai’s party, judging by the current economic recession in Nigeria.

Perhaps he had chosen to celebrate his mother in Lagos, Gbajabiamila would have helped Nigeria’s economy.

But the country’s number four man preferred to take Nigeria’s money to United Arab Emirate to develop Dubai’s economy the more.

I do not think this is the way to go and it speaks volume of the insincerity of our so-called leaders to the management of our economy.

There is serious damage to the health and education sectors at present.

Those who are supposed to make laws to effect necessary changes in the various social-economic sector do not even believe that something good could happen to Nigeria again.

Let us agree that our medical and educational facilities are of the low standard that makes our leaders and their children to always seek quality health services and education abroad, what about tourism and hospitality?

Does it mean, there are no good hotels and event centres in Nigeria where Gbajabiamila can celebrate a 90-year-old mother?

Who advised him to take the party to Dubai? Did he celebrate it inside one of his business premises in Dubai or a property owned by him?

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