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“Opon Imo” And Other Education Policies In Osun

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ElevateNews takes a look at the abolition of Aregbesola’s same uniform in Osun schools.

One of the modern tools the former Governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola was able to bring to the education sector was “Opon Imo”.

An education application, which if it had been well implemented would have separated Osun from the moribund curriculum Nigerian pupils are still learning.

The noise that the “Opon Imo” is the baby of Aregbesola’s son and an attempt to loot the State funds nearly truncated the sailing of the application but the determination of the government then saved the idea.

Till now, “Opon Imo” is alive in Osun but with inadequate implementation. The present administration of Governor Gboyega Oyetola has refused to abrogate the policy unlike the school uniform policy.

Aregbesola enforced same uniform regulation for all schools in Osun as part of his educational policies, which Oyetola has now stopped.

While adopting “Opon Imo”, which is a technological approach to teaching and learning, Oyetola abrogated same uniform policy on the ground that it kills pupils and school identities.

Not that the same uniform policy did not face its own challenges during implementation then, Aregbesola subdued all the opposing forces and their reasons.

He was alleged to have contracted the uniform of Osun pupils to his wife, making it difficult for anybody to stop it.

Most adults still have vivid memories of how government-produced school barges to pupils despite different uniform as a form of identity.

There was a deliberate policy to distinguish schools and their pupils then until Aregbesola came on board to thwart it in Osun.

The beauty of school goes beyond academic performance but also the colourful appearance of the pupils in their uniforms.

Aregbesola’s uniform policy made Osun pupils looked odd and unattractive. The pupils themselves did not like Aregbesola’s idea of uniform but they could not do anything to stop it.

Our uniform defined us in my days at the Seventh Day Adventist Grammar School Ile Ife.

There were quality schools but our uniforms created distinction in the areas of neatness and hygiene.

In the wake of private schools, what easily separated them was their uniforms, which were so attractive.

The private school owners used uniform to lure parents, guardians and children to their schools.

One should commend Oyetola for his candour to abolish Aregbesola’s odd policy.

It defines the governor’s sense of taste and arts. Let every school choose its colour and let us have mixture of colours again.

The aesthetics at the school inter-house sports will change and it will definitely aid performance.

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