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Sanusi; Rejected By The North, Accepted By The West

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ElevateNews takes a look at the past and the present on dethroned Emir Sanusi with the Yorubas.

I read on a friend blog on Friday why Yorubas should not pity the dethroned Emir of Kano, Muhammed Sanusi.

My friend reminded us in his piece how Sanusi had castigated the Yorubas as he hit hard on the Pan Yoruba socio-political group.

Sanusi had described the Yoruba Political elites as narrow-minded people that had never grown beyond ethnicity.

My friend went ahead to tag the Yorubas who were sympathizing with Sanusi as ordinary wailers.

To him, the Sanusi dethronement and consequent banishment is a Northern issue and Yoruba should just be watching and making mockery of him.

But I totally disagree with him and made him realise that Sanusi’s piece has not reduced him rather it has edified the former emir the more as a radical who will always express his views no matter whose ox is gored.

Sanusi had alleged that the Yorubas are the real problem of Nigeria, adding that it was the race that first attempted to overthrow a civilian government in Nigeria in 1962.

He said that the 1966 coup happened because of the riot “operation wet” that began in Western Nigeria.

He raised some other posers, which to me are not all correct.

The question we must ask is whether the write-up of Sanusi about Yorubas in the past is fictitious. No, all that he wrote were not right.

But he has told us Nigeria’s story and the role of the Yorubas in the country’s political space.

Again, he spoke at a forum organised by Pan Arewa socio-political group, a counterpart of Afenifere in the North.

You don’t expect him to praise Yoruba where he was expected to abuse us as a guest speaker.

This does not make him hate the Yoruba race because Sanusi has learnt over the years to turn around to speak the truth to his Northern clans, using the same Yoruba as a good example of how leadership should be.

As a scholar, banker and academic, Sanusi has expressed intellectualism, using one rod to beat the slurry shit without minding which race it will touch.

“Petepete ta na ni Popa, enikeni lo le Taba”. That is the making of a great leader but not an ethnic bigot.

As Yorubas, we are not wired as the Northerners and we can never. We are the loudest in Africa and that is why other races will abuse us, yet they want to live in our territory.

Of course, our sophistication would have changed the destiny of this country for better but it will jeopardise the Northern hegemony because it will expose the atrocities of their elites.

Until he became the Emir, Sanusi knew little about the Northern political class because he spent his life in Lagos.

But he is wiser now, having tasted the two regions and mingled with the political elites.

He felt like coming back to Lagos because he has since realised that Yorubas may not be given the opportunity to rule, we remain the most civilised and most democratic.

On Friday, the Federal High Court in Abuja ordered Sanusi’s release from where he was banished in Awe, Nasarawa State.

He left in the same car with his friend and the Governor of Kaduna State Mallam El-Rufai to Abuja the same night.

His final destination is Lagos where he was born, groomed and schooled.

Yorubas are concerned about Sanusi. The Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu has promised to receive him in Lagos.

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