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Sanusi’s Freedom Scare Them More

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ElevateNews takes a look at the fear of the government if Deposed HH Muhammed Sanusi is freed from detention.

The dethroned Emir of Kano, Muhammed Sanusi may look more dangerous as a critic of this government than when he was a monarch.

Looking at the antecedents of this ruling All Progressives Congress, it seems the government is afraid of men of strong credentials.

This government has a phobia for men who are eloquent and who can easily expose the incompetence of the present administration.

It is a government that is ready to breach human rights to silence its critics any time it feels to do so.

A very good example is the publisher of the online medium, Sahara Reporter, Mr. Omoyele Sowore who was detained illegally for months because he planned to lead a protest tagged RevolutionNow.

Sanusi is a big fish anyway and a threat to any government because of his independent mind and knowledge.

Of course, he had dreamt from his childhood to become the Emir of Kano but his education, exposure and the gene of radicalism in him could not make him the type of Emir the present crop of politicians want.

The political elites have prayed for an Emir that could pay obeisance to the local government chairman and State governor.

But what they met in Sanusi was too sophisticated for them to handle. Perhaps they do not know that he’s a man that is not ready to trade his freedom for emirate throne.

Sanusi had shown many times that he was ready to sacrifice the stool for freedom of speech and movement.

He refused to bend his philosophy and belief for the dictates of the government. He lost his throne but yet, the government has refused to grant him the freedom he has so much desires.

He has since approached the court to sue the Federal Government, the Department of State Service, DSS and the Inspector General of Police.

Sanusi has accepted his dethronement in good fate and sought to fly to Lagos with his family but was denied by the security agents.

As at Thursday morning, his family who had left for Lagos shortly after the deposition of Sanusi were brought back to Awe in Nasarawa by the DSS operatives.

His freedom and that of his family has been greatly breached by the government. Why? Because Sanusi’s freedom is more dangerous now than when he was on the throne.

He may choose to be less diplomatic about his utterances. If he is eventually released from the detention, it may not take a long time before he will be arrested because he will speak truth to power and face the consequence.

This government knows and that is why the Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje is looking for all avenues to robe the former Emir with corruption.

And pending when the government will establish a case against Sanusi, the deposed Emir must be detained somewhere.

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