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Sexual Ambush On Our Soldiers’ Wives

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ElevateNews takes a look at the situation that led to a soldier killing himself and four other colleagues.

I was watching a video of a member of the House of Representatives from Borno a few days ago and was amazed by his revelations.

The lawmaker spoke about how the Nigerian Army has compromised the fight against Boko Haram terrorists, thereby exposing innocent Nigerians to the killers.

He lamented that the troops had built a defense against themselves so strong that Boko Haram members do not go near them but that the soldiers do not go out of their holes to pursue the insurgents.

According to him, the soldiers only wait to repel terrorists instead of attacking them.

However, there are many communities, which the soldiers are supposed to guard but are left unprotected.

The terrorists attack these communities on a regular basis, killing many Nigerians. The lawmaker threatened to resign from the hallowed chamber if the government would not solve the problem of incessant killings in his constituency.

Nigerian troops have complained about poor welfare by the Federal Government. The troops are becoming so complacent due to lack of motivation from the government.

On Wednesday, an angry soldier (names withheld) killed four of his colleagues, injured two and also killed himself.

The Spokesman of the Nigerian Army, Sagir Musa who disclosed this through a press statement, made available to journalists said that the corporal was attached to the Nigerian Army serving at the Theatre Command Operation Lafiya Dole in Borno.

The Nigerian Army had since instituted an investigative panel to look at the circumstances surrounding the killings.

As the army begins its investigation, what we learnt was that the soldier killed his colleagues and himself because of the bad news he received from home.

He learnt that another man was having an affair with his wife while he was in the battlefield protecting the nation.

Who would have told him this bad news at the war-front? This is what the army will investigate as his name is still being concealed.

The scenario is pathetic and it speaks volume of how soldiers have been betraying themselves.

Who knows if the traitor is also a soldier? Perhaps the woman had been told before now that the husband had since died, making her to fall in love with another man.

I respect the wives of soldiers. They suffer both mental and emotional trauma . They are sexually starved whenever their husbands are on national duty.

These women are human beings. They want love, which they do not get, so they are easy prey in the hands of men of easy virtue.

Somebody must satisfy their sexual urge while their husbands are away. Of course, I do not preach sexual promiscuity among the wives of our soldiers but the truth is that it happens.

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