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Why Sanusi Refused To Challenge His Deposition In Court

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ElevateNews takes a look at the leadership in Sanusi.

Leaders who want to make changes do not cherish position. They quit their positions if it will not enable them to make the changes they have dreamt of.

I think, the deposed Emir of Kano, Muhammed Sanusi belongs to this class of leaders who seek a position to make changes.

They do not covet the position for financial gains but how they could use it to address the issue.

It is not the office that really attracts them but they strive to occupy this office perhaps it will help them to change things for the betterment of the larger populace.

The latest video on Sanusi speaks volume of the kind of human being he is.

He said in the video that he would have contested his deposition in court and win and return as emir but he chose not to because he had since moved on with his life.

In the video, Sanusi made a mockery of the allegation against him by the State government as flimsy, which could easily be dismissed by the court.

The State government under the leadership of Governor Abdullahi Ganduje had given reasons for insubordination for the deposition of Sanusi.

But Sanusi said in the video that the government never queried or invited him over issues of insubordination but acted arbitrarily to depose him.

To the deposed monarch, there is no need contesting the impunity that surrounds his removal, having realised that the stool could not provide for him the platform to change the bad situation in Kano.

Sanusi became the Central Bank of Nigeria but was sacked because he refused to sell his belief to the honour of office.

He broke rules and used the office to change the banking sector.

Of course, he achieved a lot by exposing bank executives who used depositors’ money to build empires for themselves within and outside the country.

Many of them were arrested, prosecuted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Their property seized and their appointments terminated abruptly during Sanusi’s era as the CBN Governor.

But corruption will always fight back. Sanusi’s radical approach to issues removed him as CBN Governor.

However, Sanusi’s belief was that becoming the Emir of Kano could help him reorientate the Northern political elites.

He chose to speak his minds; to educate the youths and change the culture of indolence which had since eaten deep into the tradition of a group of Kano youths.

He detested the Almajaris and called them victims of the misrule of the political class.

“The Almajaris are not criminals but victims,” he said as he called on the government to be more creative so that the Almajaris can get the desired education and good jobs.

Sanusi’s thinking is too sophisticated for the elites who prefer the culture of Almajaris because it is a political weapon to suppress their opponents.

They plotted a coup against Sanusi and removed him on broad daylight.

But to Sanusi, having spent six years on the throne, the stool is no more attractive because it has failed to free him.

He wanted to use the seat to speak to power but the power that be says no. “We put you in this office, we dictate what you must say.”

If Sanusi’s ambition is really about the paraphernalia of office, no doubt, he can approach the court and return to the stool but his motive is about making change.

He may need a bigger platform to change things.

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