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Nigeria Church: Graveyard Of The Innocents

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Nigeria News examine the continuous attack on churches and evil that goes on there.

Things have gone crooked about churches in Africa with Nigeria taking the centre stage at present. Industries are dying by the day; schools are collapsing; shops are closing yet there is proliferation of churches across the country.

Many of the factories have been converted to church buildings. Many pastors and bishops make daily advertisement to lure members to church. Not that there are no honest men of God anymore, they are very scarce.

There is paucity of the real apostles of God. The land is littered with liars and men of easy virtues who have capitalized on the gullibility of the people and economic recession to rob them of their hard earned money.

In the name of building the house of God, many pastors have soaked their hands in blood. Churches have become a cult where members cannot query the obsession of the purported men of God for the things of the world.

Many men of God had been arrested for involving in rituals in which they either buried human beings or life animals to increase the population of the congregation.
Fake prophets had been found culpable for human trafficking, sexual abuse and occult activities. The rate at which church and fake men of God are getting involved in crime is very alarming.

Their sermon is very loud on prosperity and tithe; and to gain attention of these men of God, a member will have to raise his game. It comes through regular payment of tithe, offerings, and levies for building “the house of God”.

Despite the economic downturn, Nigeria churches are not broke, it is the most prosperous business at present. Churches are rich even though many of the members are poor and cannot even pay their bills and children school fees.

There are members that have singlehandedly built edifices for churches, buy exotic cars for “Men of God” with questionable source of their wealth. These sets of members dictate what goes in the church.

However, their extravagant lives attract kidnappers, armed robbers, and drug barons to the church. Men who seek connection instead of salvation.

In the last few months, churches had been under serious attacks by gunmen and ritual cultists. It began with the invasion of a white garment church at Owode Onirin, near Mile 12, about three weeks ago, when the dreaded Badoo cultists attacked the members and killed three person, including the wife of the church owner.

Badoo is a rampaging ritual cult group that had wreaked havoc on many residents of Ikordu Area of Lagos. They would enter residence after the people might have slept and smash their victims’ heads with grinding stones.

Twice, they had attacked churches in the area with recent one happened at the weekend where they pretended as church members and smashed a woman’s head who was sleeping after a vigil.

On Sunday, during service gunmen invaded a St. Philips Catholic Church in Ozubulu Anambra State, killing about 10 members, including the father of an alleged drug baron.

It was gathered that the gunmen were actually looking for one Chief Aloysius Ikegwuonu, a businessman from Amakwa who is alleged to be a drug baron.

Investigation revealed that Ikegwuonu single-handedly built the church for the community and had traveled home to see his parents the previous Saturday.

Perhaps he had prior information that he was being trailed by the assailants, Ikegwuonu refused to sleep in his father’s house that night.

A source said that he travelled back to his base the same night. However, when the gunmen arrived the community on Sunday, they went straight to the Catholic Church with the hope to find Ikegwuonu.

They could not see him and in anger, the assailants opened fire on one Pa Ikegwonu who was identified to be the father of their real target.

They also shot the wife, mother of Aloysius, killed seven others and injured several people before they drove off in a Lexus SUV.

At the weekend again, the Christian Education Director of the Evangelical Church Winning All (International) Rev. Jen Moses was abducted by gunmen suspected to be Fulani herdsmen.

According to findings, the cleric was kidnapped on Friday while traveling between Jere and Bwari on the outskirts of the Federal Capital Territory.
He was to attend an official meeting when the gunmen attacked him.

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