Nigeria Latest News on Travel Safety

Nigeria is known as Africa’s economic powerhouse.  It also has the largest number of population in the entire African continent.  Those who choose to travel on this part of the continent should expect that they will be exposed to a diverse religious and culture group and ethnicity.  To keep them safe during their travel, we provide this Nigeria latest news about the precautions that they need to take.

Travelling Safe:  Nigeria Latest News on Travel

Before you travel to Nigeria, you will need to secure a VISA.  Applying for Visa is a laborious and time-consuming process that you need to accomplish months before you travel to the African continent.  The whole process can take at least three months.  Six weeks prior to your visit to the country, you are required to receive vaccines for yellow fever, typhoid, tetanus, poliomyelitis, hepatitis, and diphtheria.  You should also bring your proof of vaccination when you travel.   It is also recommended that you take a full-healthcare insurance plan.  These are just some of the Nigeria latest news on the things that you need to accomplish before you travel to Nigeria.

When you are visiting Port Harcourt or Lagos, the city is generally safe with some incidents of petty crimes that normally happen in the large cities all over the world.    According to the Nigeria latest news, there is a current travel ban on Central and northern Nigeria except Abuja due to the threat of the extremist group Boko Haram.  With the rest of the country, you will be relatively safe if you will follow the local laws.

With their limited source of clean drinking water, you should always bring bottled water with you all the times. Also, you should remember that this is a country that runs primarily with cash.  There are establishments that exchange money, but it is always recommended to exchange your currency at the local banks.  There are also times that even major hotels do not accept major credit cards.  The locals speak English as their National language so you should not worry about starting a communication though there are lots of local dialects such as Yoruba.  You should also avoid taking pictures of people walking on the street since this is impolite.  If you want to ask for permission or clarification, always ask them politely.  These are just some of the Nigeria latest news about safety that you need to remember.

When it comes to the local culture, Nigeria may be as diverse as its ethnicity.  There may be instances that people will ask you to marry them but refuse at all costs.  For the LGBT travellers, the country is not an LGBT-friendly community.  According to the Nigeria latest news, homosexuality is considered as a crime in this country.  Avoid showing your affection to your respective partner when you are travelling to Nigeria.  Also, make sure that you should avoid having unprotected sexual interaction due to the high concentration of sexually transmitted disease.

In case you want to travel to Nigeria and you want to be sure about your safety, keep updated about the Nigeria latest news posted on this site.

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