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Nigeria Leadership: Between The Learned And The Lettered

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ElevateNews takes a look at the difference between men of letters and the learned men in the leadership of Nigeria.

The noise over the legality of the Western Nigeria Security Network, WNSN, “Operation Amotekun” and the eventual words of relief by the national leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu have shown that this country can thrive with quality leadership in place.

I have been an advocate of restructure. I have not dropped the idea as one of the ways to revive a dying nation of ours but even with this in place without quality leadership, we are doomed.

The event of last week in which the debate on Amotekun threatened the existence of a nation because of mere distrust by the Attorney General, Abubakar Malami against the Yorubas security outfit opens one’s eyes that there is a wide difference between men of law and men of letters.

Of course, lawyers see themselves as learned but the event of last week showed clearly that not all lawyers are lettered.

After the meeting between the Attorney General and the State governors from the Southwest region, chaired by another lawyer, vice president Yemi Osinbajo, Amotekun was set free to bite.

It was resolved that proper legislation would be done to legalise the outfit at the State level as Malami ate his humble pie, stating that he never declared Amotekun as illegal.

He explained that he was misquoted even when a press statement signed by his media aide stated categorically that Amotekun was illegal. He said that he was only counseling the governors to legalise Amotekun but this is not true going by his statement.

If truly he was counseling, as a learned person, Malami should have used the word, “regularise”, according to the Chairman, Editorial Board of the Nation Newspaper, Mr. Sam Omatseye.

Malami chose legal term instead of the right letter. But a man who is never a lawyer, Asiwaju Tinubu doused the tension because he used the right letters.

Tinubu’s letter brought the lawyers and the owners of Amotekun together to reach a common ground. And suddenly there is peace. Only the criminals will not have peace now because this Amotekun has changed its own spot.

It will prowl both in the forests and creeks to protect the Yoruba land and those who live there. Law is not always right because it is a document that can be twisted by superior argument but wisdom is not written, it is a supernatural gift to a few who fear God.

There are hundreds who have the vivid knowledge of how this country operates but only a few of them can interpret it wisely. Some of the leaders know the right things to say and do but because they lack the courage due to their self-agenda, wisdom has eluded them.

If one man’s letter can create dialogue and subsequently peace, then what this country needs most is leadership not really restructuring. A word of wisdom is stronger than law because not all laws are right. And law should not speak all the time.

The Amotekun brought out the debate of laws but yet wisdom and political discourse prevailed. The Northern group now wants a similar security outfit in the North as well as the Eastern and Southern blocs. They all want to emulate the Southwest.

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