Nigeria News: Aisha Buhari And The Aso Rock Clinic

Nigeria News take a look at the Aso Rock Health Centre and the embarrassment it has caused Nigeria


Since she raised the alarm about the moribund status of the Aso Rock Clinic last week, Nigerians have been asking questions but none has been answered.


Mrs Aisha Buhari, wife of President Muhammadu Buhari lamented that there was no syringe in Aso Rock Health Centre despite the billion nairas it has gulped in the last two years to provide the necessary equipment.


She had health challenged and thought she could easily walk to the clinic to get medication but to her surprise, the health centre had no x-ray machine to diagnose her.


The raging first lady had to spend some money in a foreign hospital located in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja to get treated. It was clear in her speech that things had gone awry with the country health sector.


She wanted the management of the hospital probed.


Since 2015 till now, over N11 billion was budgeted for the clinic. According to the budget statistics, in 2015, the sum of N3.94 billion was the budget for the clinic.


In 2016, the Federal Government budgeted N3.87 billion and in 2017 it budgeted N3.2 billion.


However, findings showed that the hospital received far less of what had been budgeted from the Ministry of Finance and that there was little it could do with the funds released to it.

But it became more worrisome when within the same years, the 16 teaching hospitals across the country collectively got N1.424 billion in 2015: 3.333 billion in 2016: and N1.943 billion in 2017 for capital projects.


As at today, the x-ray machine at the Aso Rock clinic is not functioning well and the worst is that the clinic lacks enough syringes.


Many had said that perhaps Mrs Buhari had exaggerated her findings, a visit to the clinic revealed that the first lady was speaking the truth.


The House of Representatives had since set up a committee to probe the state of the clinic and how the funds allocated to it in the last three years were expended.


Recalled that the 2015 budget was appropriated by the former regime of President Goodluck Jonathan. But it was not signed into law until April 2015.


There were reports that both Jonathan and Buhari’s governments might be asked some questions on what happened to sickening Aso Rock Clinic.


But Jonathan on Saturday said that he should not be brought into such issue because his government never implement the 2015 budget due to the new procurement laws, which takes at least three months to complete.


The house had also resolved to summon the Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole to explain why the country is being embarrassed with the story of a dying clinic at the presidential villa.


Adewole will also explain to the lawmakers, the steps being taking to stop the spread of Monkeypox in the country.


To the house, it is disgraceful for a nation of 180 million people not have a single laboratory where the test could be carried out to diagnose monkeypox virus.

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