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Elevate News analysis is a special category for news analysis tagged “Nigeria News” which we introduced mainly for the purpose of giving comprehensive news on popular issues in Nigeria.


JUNE 24, 2017 –  The incessant increase in the rate of kidnap in Nigeria has forced many Nigerian lawmakers to live a quiet life.

JUNE 25, 2017 – If the political elites in Nigeria do not stop their corrupt practices and injustices, the wrath of God is near to fall on them.

JUNE 26, 2017 – Nigeria breakup: An unending political intrigues

JUNE 27, 2017President Muhammadu Buhari’s Eid-el-Fitr message to Nigeria, from London, has continued to generate a lot of discordant voices among Nigerians.

JUNE 28, 2017 – The most dangerous routes to seek greener pasture in another country, Nigeria News can authoritatively report, but they are back home in hunger and anger thinking of the next line of action.

JUNE 29, 2017 – The agitation for the Biafra Republic by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB is gradually waning with the silent drum of war and being replaced with dialogues in high places.

JUNE 30, 2017 – Nigeria News gathered that the notorious kidnapper, Chukwudidumeme Onwuamadike popularly called Evans generated scoops for the media.

JULY 1, 2017 – Residents of Ikorodu, Lagos are living in fear at present due to the dreaded cult group, Badoo that now terrorizes the community.

JULY 2, 2017 – The Nigeria News take a look at the incessant calls for restructuring Nigeria’s Federal structure.

JULY 4, 2017 – The Middle Belt of Nigeria would never go with the north in the event that the country splits.

JULY 5, 2017  Nigeria Senate is out to contest some constitutional matters with the country’s executive arm again.

JULY 6, 2017 – Ritual killings have taken a new dimension across the country.

JULY 7, 2017 – Nigeria News takes a look between Fashola and NASS.

JULY 8, 2017 – The recent squabbles between the Senate and the acting president over the confirmation of nominee.

JULY 9, 2017 – The rise of a new cultist group Badoo in Lagos Southwest Nigeria is due to high rate of unemployment.

JULY 10, 2017 – After the floods had subsided and vehicles could move on the roads again, Lagos residents began to recount their losses.


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