Nigeria News: Artists, Drugs And Death

Nigeria News: Artists, Drugs And Death

Nigeria News take a look at the rate at which artists take the hard drug that eventually runs them down, even to death.


The African Shrine Agidimgbi Ikeja has been busy since Monday. The annual festival to celebrate the late Afro music legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti tagged “Felebration” is going on and until Sunday, artists of old and new will be trooping to the shrine.


African Shrine is the nearest destination for the future artist and music lovers throughout this week. It is bubbling in Ikeja, so they say.


The chief host, Femi Anikulapo Kuti, the vibrant son of the late Fela, undoubtedly has shown class since the demise of his father.


Thrice he has been nominated for Grammy. He has refined the status of the shrine with regulations and order but he has no power to control the sale of hard drugs and Marijuana around the shrine.


Besides good music and activism, Fela was addicted to Marijuana. Even though he smoked “Igbo”, late Fela did it with a bit of decorum but today many artists have taken to hard drugs.


Illicit drugs have killed many promising talents and thrown some music stars into oblivion. The life of Nigerian reggae star, Majek Fashek is a very good example. Majekodunmi Fasheke, the “Send Down The Rain” maestro shined until he took to the hard drug.


After years of sojourn abroad, Fashek was brought back home for rehabilitation and he is steadily recuperating but the scars of drugs remain indelible both on his music career and personality.


Fashek is a popular face at Felabration nevertheless.  The hard drug is the language of most Hip Hop artists, the world over and this has sent many of them to the untimely death. One of the best voices music ever produced was Whitney Houston. The multiple Grammy award winner died at 49 due to drug addiction.


Her music started nosediving as soon as she started taking hard drugs. In Nigeria, in the last three weeks, three artists had died of drug-related problem.


First was one Tagbo Umeike, a close friend of the popular music star, David Adeleke aka Davido who died in a car belonging to the musician.


Though the autopsy is yet to confirm what killed Tagbo, police investigation revealed that the death might be linked to hard drugs and the overdose of alcoholic drinks.


Three days after, two close friends of the musician were found dead in a car. One of them is Gbemiga Abiodun, popularly known as DJ Olu was the Disco Jockey to Davido. The second Chime Amaechi, according to police report might have died through high consumption of illicit drugs.


It must be noted here that for sometimes a popular Nigerian Hip Hop artiste, Wizkid has been sick. The investigation revealed that the boy took a hard drug and became so unconscious for weeks.


However, the great country music legend, Willie Nelson will be 84 soon. He is a smoker of Marijuana but with doubtful record of other hard drug. While Marijuana is legalized in California, Nigeria law does not allow smoking of India hemp.


But today, some youths, mostly in the music industry smoke marijuana indiscriminately in public and take the hard drug.

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