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Nigeria News – Badoo: Horror, Killings And Rituals That Pervade Ikorodu Lagos

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In the recent time, Nigeria news media have been covering and reporting series of attacks in Ikorodu. Residents of Ikorodu, Lagos are living in fear at present due to the dreaded cult group, Badoo that now terrorizes the community.

Dreadfully, the cultists move from one home to another to kill a whole family and take the human blood for ritual.

Ikorodu was known to be one of the most peaceful part of Lagos due to its serene location and the hospitality of the indigenes but in the recent time, the incursion of militants through the creek and of course kidnappers have changed the peace to pain.

Residents of Odongunyan, a developing area of Ikorodu are fleeing the community in multitude not only because of the abductors but due to the new raging gang, the Badoo, a cult group that derives pleasure in killing for rituals.

This group has come up with horrible strategy to sniff out life from their victim, whose blood they take to appease their evil deity, learnt to be hiding in the swampy forest of the ancient city.

Badoo kills his victim with grinding stones. The group does not use knife or machete. It does not use gun but stones, according to findings and records of their inhuman killings.

All the homes, they had entered, Badoo gangs hit the heads of their victims with grinding stone and nobody had survived the pattern of killing.

After they might have killed their victims, the members of the gang would soak white handkerchief in the victims’ blood and run away.

It was the pattern of their killings that made the community to know that Badoo was not just a cult group but bunch of ritualists.

The most horrible of their dastard act in the recent time was the killing of a family of six, which made the residents to rise against them.

The residents rose and according to report the leader of Badoo in Ikorodu had been killed six times, yet there is still a leader.

Our correspondent also learnt that some members of Badoo were arrested by the state Police Command, the crime never subsided.

Currently, residents of Ikorodu now mete jungle justice to any suspected member of Badoo group. The residents do not wait for the police to make arrest anymore, they set the suspect on fire in broad day light.

In his submission, the State Commissioner of Police Fatai Owoseni said that Badoo are ritualists and that the police would all in their capacity to stop the ritual killers across the metropolis.

He urged the residents to collaborate with the police to fish out men with unclean activities in the society, adding that this would go a long way in addressing the growing crime in the state.

During his regime, the former Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Fashola instituted the State Security Trust Funds, a private, public account in which funds are contributed to fight crime.

Undoubtedly, the trust funds nipped in the bud the menace of armed robbery until the rise of militants, who have since graduated to kidnapping for ransom.

At present, six of the pupils of Lagos State Model College, Igbonla Epe are still in the custody of their abductors, almost 37 days that they were kidnapped.

Before then, kidnappers had stormed a private school in Ikorodu where they abducted some pupils who were later released after their parents paid ransom.

Today, Ikorodu is tensed and is being terrorized by Badoo as residents troop to the palace of the traditional monarch, the Ayagbure of Ikorodu to register their protest against the killer cults that have now turned the one time peaceful town to a haven of criminals.

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