Nigeria News: Impeachment Drama In Benue

Nigeria News takes a look at the impeachment drama that happened in Benue on Monday.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has alleged the Benue State Governor of N22 billion fraud. It is the latest story now since the plot to impeach the governor failed on Monday.

For now, Ortom has murdered sleep and will sleep no more. Possibly, he may regain his sainthood if he can trace his step back to the All Progressives Congress, I guess, the party he dumped a week ago.

Before now, Ortom was a saint until he cross-carpeted to PDP. So, on a Monday, eight lawmakers on the platform of APC took over the state house of assembly complex, barricaded the place to prevent 22 other members from gaining entrance.

Right in the house, the lawmakers passed impeachment notice on Ortom and quickly sent the letter to the governor. The letter contained various allegations of financial misappropriations.

Shortly after the plot was scuttled, Ortom gave reasons why the lawmakers were after him. He stated that his offence was his movement to PDP.

Perhaps, the governor did not know that a petition to nail him over alleged fraud had gone to the EFCC. And on Tuesday morning, EFCC began an investigation of N22 billion fraud against Ortom.

It is a well-scripted scenario but a mockery of Nigeria democracy for EFCC to begin the probe of a governor just because he chose a new party to realise his ambition.

I want to believe that what is currently playing out on Ortom is to scare other APC governors who may be nursing the plan to quit the party.

The ruling party has just sent a signal, “quit and face probe”. Does it mean that the party and by implication, President Muhammadu Buhari’s government know that Ortom as alleged and other governors are operating illegal bank accounts?

The EFCC, despite having the dossiers of these governors and senators have refused to investigate them because they are members of APC or loyal to Buhari.

As Senator Shehu Sani, representing Kaduna Central put it, Ortom has the right to choose any party. That sounds logical but which other governors will be ready to follow his mind now that the brave Ortom is being investigated a few days after defecting to PDP.

President Buhari was earlier linked with the impunity at the Benue House of Assembly but the presidency swiftly denied the involvement of the president.

The Special Adviser to Buhari on Media and publicity, Mr Femi Adesina said that Buhari would never involve himself in such unconstitutional act where eight lawmakers were pushing for the impeachment of a governor out of 30 members of the house.

So, who is fueling illegality in Benue? Ortom alleged that one Senator George Akume is behind the shenanigans in the Benue House of Assembly. He also alleged the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris of complicity in the whole drama.

Why did the police operatives at the assembly listen to eight lawmakers and lockout 22 others to pass the notice of impeachment on the sitting governor? This and many questions are begging for answers.

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