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Nigeria News: Is APC Melaye’s Nemesis?

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Nigeria News takes a look at the movement of Senator Dino Melaye from APC to PDP and other matters arising.

When he resumed at the Senate chambers on Wednesday for plenary, Senator Dino Melaye threw up a new drama, which later became a reality show.

He came with his neck inside a collar, a sign that the lawmaker was still nursing some pains around his cervical vertebra. He walked in with a stick as support to his damaged limbs but spoke louder to protest against the Nigeria police.

Melaye resumed work after weeks of battling with the police who had alleged him of gunrunning in his state Kogi. He had sustained an injury in his attempt to escape from the police while being taken to Lokoja.

The lawmaker twisted his neck and hind limbs as he tried to act James Bond in the police van. He landed himself at the National Hospital Abuja where he was rearrested, remanded and later bailed in the sum of N90 million.

As the investigation continues, Melaye is temporarily free to perform his political functions at the Senate. He told the Senate that the police actually wanted to poison him but had to resist them.

He said that he had to jump out of the moving police van to save his life as the operatives attempted to inject him. As he put it, “They attempted to inject me twice but I did not give them chance to carry out the crime.”

Melaye had been speaking loud against President Muhammadu Buhari-led government, even though they belong to the same party, the All Progressives Congress. He is one of the addict critics of Buhari that would not defect to another party.

However, on Wednesday, he became of the few to cross to his former party, Peoples Democratic Party.

He said that he was not comfortable sitting among APC members at the Senate, judging by what he passed through in the hands of the police. He sought the permission of the president of the Senate, Bukola Saraki to allow him a space among the opposition, PDP.

Melaye actually wanted to sit beside the former President of the Senate, David Mark as he desperately sought protection from PDP now.

Melaye now derives solace from the party he once abandoned. Members of the PDP caucus, including Senator Ben Murray-Bruce gave Melaye a warm welcome as he arrived at the chamber. They led him to a seat to show solidarity and love.

But the APC caucus in the Senate kicked against Melaye’s move. To them, it is unconstitutional for the lawmaker to cross to another party. But to Melaye, the issue at hand is not about the constitution but comfortability.

It is clear from Melaye’s statement that the lawmaker is seeking a comfort zone. He had enjoyed and abused the party on whose platform he was elected. Now that the APC-led government begins to ask Melaye some questions over his alleged criminality, the lawmaker has suddenly become unconformable.

How time flies. Time is very swift now for a Melaye who once turned the Senate chambers to a studio to make a mockery of his adversaries. Who is after our lawmaker? Is it APC or Melaye’s pasts?

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