Nigeria News: Restoring The Dignity of The Police

Nigeria News: Restoring The Dignity of The Police

Nigeria News takes a look at the withdrawal of policemen from VIPs and political office holder.


It is a delight to hear Ibrahim Idris, the Inspector General of Police’s decision to withdraw all the policemen attached to Very Important Persons, VIPs and political office holders across the country.


The policemen are about 150, 000 and soon they will be redeployed in the needed areas to strengthen the security.


It is a welcome development as it will reposition the police and of course restore the integrity of the policemen that had spent their years in the kitchen and bars of the VIPs instead of providing the necessary security.


 Yes, many of these policemen have been turned to cooks, gardeners in the name of service to the country. Some of them love the cook jobs anyway because it is far better than staying in the sun with meagre salaries.


Most of them, according to findings lobbied their way to working for VIPs and public office holders. But now that they have been recalled, they will need some training because they must be professionally rusty by now.


And if they will be thrown into the roads as traffic officers or stations as investigators, these sets of police will find it a bit difficult to cope with the sorry state of policing outside the VIPs corridors.


It is tough to be a policeman in Nigeria. Just a few weeks ago, some of them protested the cut in their salaries without any notice. They gathered at the Lagos State Police Command, Headquarters, Oduduwa, GRA, Ikeja to protest the anomaly, which of course has not been addressed.


The redeployed policemen must learn the antics on the field. There is always a difference between a caged fowl and a typical roaming African fowl. The recalled policemen must realise that it is no more buffet but “Mama Put”.


The recalled policemen perhaps should see the video of criminals who are being paraded as it happened yesterday in which some thugs were alleged to be working for Senator Dino Melaye, representing Kogi West.


Melaye is one of the VIPs, a political office holder. He cried out that the withdrawal of his security aides and that of other was done in a bad light.


“It was targeted at me,” the flamboyant lawmaker said.


Son of man is not a fan of Senator Dino Melaye but yesterday’s parade of thugs alleged to have been sponsored by the Senator was a disgraceful outing for the Nigeria Police Force.


One is not a security expert. But the Police claim is, to me, very ridiculous and childish. In a saner clime, those who paraded the suspects, and others behind the scene, who apparently gave them the go-ahead to do so, should have been out of their uniforms by now.


Melaye exposed the illegal importation of military uniforms and other items by the Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello. Now, he is being accused of sponsoring thugs in a state where killer herdsmen are reigning with impunity.


It is clear that the attempt to set up Melaye is a deliberate effort to confuse the public about the felony perpetrated by the Governor of his home state.


This could not have happened without active support from The Presidency. And, it is very wrong and unpatriotic. It appears some persons in Aso Rock Villa are decisively against the growth of this young democracy.


Nigeria will outlive them. We had their likes here before. We’ll outlive these ones too!

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