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Nigeria News – Senate Without Melaye

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Nigeria News takes a look at the Nigerian Senate without Senator Dino Melaye.

Senator Dino Melaye, representing Kogi West has been shuttling between the police custody and hospital in the last few weeks.

Following the Lokoja court order that the senator is remanded for 38 days in police custody, there has been another ruling that the police should move Melaye back to the hospital for proper treatment.

Melaye was stretchered to the Lokoja’s Senior Magistrate last week for alleged gun running, which some suspects had already indicted him.

After he was granted N90 million bail by the Magistrate at Wuse 2, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja for allegedly trying to run away from the police, Melaye was re-arrested and brought to Kogi State.

He is to remain in police custody but with a new instruction to relocate to a hospital for intensive care.

This has been the predicament of one of the controversial lawmakers Nigerians ever elected. In his travail, one person has been very close to him and it amazes me that Melaye’s close ally is no more the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki but the “Common Sense” Senator Ben Murray-Bruce.

Twice, Murray-Bruce had been seen standing beside Melaye on his hospital bed. Besides the fact that both are the first timer at the Senate, Melaye and Murray Bruce have been very vocal, debating issues at the plenary.

They both take the debate beyond the Senate to the social media platforms to air their views and gather comments from fans and critics.

For some time, Bruce’s common sense programme has been dwindling and now that Melaye is sick, the sarcastic songs from the Kogi born senator will steadily die down.

The popular “Ajekun Iya” lyric released on Youtube by Melaye will continue to reverberate in the ears of many Nigerians. Perhaps when he comes out from the police cell, if it will ever happen, Melaye may release another song.

Melaye’s voice in the Senate is loud. His indecorous life is visible but it seems the senator is needed in the Senate. He speaks the minds of many of his colleagues who have refused to talk in order to keep their seats.

Possibly that was why they sent representatives to see Melaye at the national hospital. However, they have since abandoned him to his fate.

As Senator Oluremi Tinubu put it, “Nobody should connect Melaye’s predicament with the APC politics. It is a personal issue that he will need to sort out but as a senator, I don’t think Melaye has been treated well by the police.”

But, to many political analysts, Melaye has played into the hands of the cabals in President Muhammadu Buhari’s government. Their motive is to cage Melaye towards the 2019 election. It was gathered that Melaye was stopped from Morocco trip that had the likes of the Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu by the cabals.

The trip, though an official assignment, would have created a forum for the anti-Buhari’s senators to strategise on the 2019 election. Melaye is supposed to play a prominent role against Buhari in 2019 but he will be kept away by the power that be.

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