Nigeria News: The Executive, Legislative Row – Who Blinks First?

Nigeria News takes a look at the row between the executive and the Senate in the last few months. Who blinks first?

Soon, the 10-man-committee inaugurated by the Senate will be visiting President Muhammadu Buhari over some security issues.

This time, it has to do with the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki himself. The country’s legislative arm has decided to drop its function of check and balance for dialogue with the executive to save Saraki over a cult related crime that happened in Kwara State.

Saraki had cried out at the Wednesday plenary that the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris was plotting to implicate him in the Kwara cult case in which some suspects had been arrested.

Saraki told his colleagues that the Kwara State Governor notified him about the plan of the police boss and that four of the suspects had been transferred to Abuja where their statements would be edited to indict the senate president.

The Senate has drawn a battle line with the executive since the arrest, humiliation and detention of Senator Dino Melaye who happens to be the closest ally of Saraki.

The Senate summoned the police IG, Idris three times but he refused to appear. To the police boss, there are urgent security issues that need his attention outside the Senate chamber.

Of course, the Senate is there to check and balance the works of the executive, the lawmakers are more divided among themselves. Today, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege who was suspended a few weeks ago by the Senate is back at the chamber after an Abuja High Court nullified the suspension.

But before court verdict, the rascally senator from Delta State threw National Assembly into turmoil. He stormed into the Senate chamber while still on suspension with some hoodlums to seize the Mace.

The mace was later found under the bridge in Abuja by a passerby who quickly alerted the police. Expectedly, Omo-Agege was arrested by the police but was released within 30 minutes.

The fact is that Omo-Agege is one of President Muhammadu Buhari’s stooges at the Senate who had vehemently kicked against the reverse of election timetable by the Senate.

The grouse of the Senate leadership is that Omo-Agege is being protected by the police despite his illegality while Melaye is being molested just because he is not in Buhari’s Caucus.

As it is, the Senate is being dealt with by the executive even though it has passed the 2018 appropriation bill. This is not enough to pacify the executive who has waited for almost six months for the Senate to pass the bill.

Now that the executive is making its threat real with the new findings that the Senate president will have to answer some question about the criminal activities of some cult members in Kwara State, Saraki quickly raised the alarm to save his head.

It is no more about inviting the police IG to appear before the Senate but a visit to President Muhammadu Buhari. Save my head visit, of course. No more check and balance. Who blinks first, the Senate or the executive?

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