Nigeria News Today Headlines: Approval Rating of Buhari Slightly Improved

According to the latest Nigeria News Today Headline, the CDD (Centre for Democracy and Development) has finally released their mid-term analysis of Muhammadu Buhari to the public. According to the latest evaluation, the approval rating of Buhari has increased to 57%. While the group has mentioned that the approval rating has slightly improved, they also advised the President to focus beyond the insecurity and the anti-corruption. They believe that the government should also assert its dedication towards better education, health and the various factors that can lead to the national development.

Nigeria News Today Headlines: The Assessments of CDC

The 2-year analysis of Buhari’s presidency has been released on July 23, 2017. The Buharimeter Mid-Term Report is an organised and an independent analysis of the performance of the current government when compared to their previous promises. According to Nigeria News Today Headlines, the Buharimeter is used in order to measure the progress of the government towards its goal. They are intended to bridge the gap between the people and the government officials in order to encourage democratic accountability.

Based on the assessment, the performance of the Buhari government has showed a slight improvement on its second year of administration. This is partly due to the implementation of their previous promises, preparing for an outline program and determining the right amount of resource required to successfully carry out the program. However, according to Nigeria News Today Headlines, the government should not be fully concentrated on addressing insecurity and fighting corruption. While these factors are essential for the political and socio-economic development of Nigeria, there should also be equal efforts exerted on reviving health, education and other important sectors.

The accuracy of the Buharimeter is dependent on the precise and well-organised methodological system; it is largely based on the 222 pledges that have been sourced from the APC manifesto, the government’s covenant with Nigeria and the various media reports such as the Nigeria News Today Headlines. The information and data that are used for the assessment are sourced from the various reports and policy documents, interviews of experts and government officials, on-the-spot check, fact checking and various surveys. The organisation has employed a ranking system that is designed to measure the rating performance based on their promise.

According to the Nigeria News Today Headlines, the Buhari administration failed to fulfil 5 promises and achieve 7 of them. Some of the broken promises include their failure to put an end to the medical tourism, the 3 million annual job opportunities, the steady power supply that will last for 12-18 months, the housing development and the immediate increase of the health budget. On the other hand, they were able to accomplish the government public declaration of their state of liabilities and assets, a comprehensive anti-corruption strategy, a better relationship with the North-East, an assessment of the joint companies, transparency in the process, introducing the social security system and a succeeding review of the existing health programs.

Based on the Nigeria News Today Headlines, there has been a significant improvement in terms of security and the anti-corruption program, but there is still a lot to be accomplished in the health and education sector.