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Nigeria News – Wrangling In The Ruling Party

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Nigeria News takes a look at the bickering in the APC.

More than a financial war-chest, a strategy is very important in politics. This is more so in a Third World country where political actors hardly play according to the rules.

The leadership of the ‘former’ New Peoples Democratic Party, nPDP, Kawu Baraje appears to understand this fact. They have clearly demonstrated that they remain a bloc within the ruling All Progressives Congress.

To the undiscerning, there is no big deal about this. But to a serious political consultant, there is fire on the mountain for APC. And if it is not quickly extinguished, it may cause the party a victory in 2019 presidential election.

Defection to another political party is not possible if a crisis is not established within the ruling party. The nPDP members, who have proved their membership of APC have also confirmed, using the party officials as the cat’s paw, that there is a crisis within.

They only need to wait for the party’s National Convention to declare either a parallel APC or move in such a way as to create one. This will afford their colleagues in the National Assembly an opportunity to change platform without legal sanctions.

In the current scenario, if they should return to PDP, the ruling party might need to do a more difficult job to convince Nigerians it could really hold its own.

Though, nPDP’s defection to PDP may not pose a strong threat to APC. The PDP has failed to play that opposition role effectively. As at now, there is no strong signal towards any of its bigwigs as presidential aspirant that can threaten President Muhammadu Buhari.

However, for the fact that it has not happened now does not mean that PDP cannot come up with a surprise.

President of the Senate, Dr Bukola Saraki wants to be president. It is the same for the former Governor of Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwaso and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar. Who will step down for the other? That is the big question and of course what will not want the three to fly together in the same PDP.

Perhaps African Democratic Congress, ADC, created by former President Olusegun Obasanjo can serve as an alternative for nPDP members?

These politicians are desperate but they are also being careful so that their secrets are not further exposed, especially the elected officers among the nPDP.

However, any attempt by the nPDP members to defect will give room for APC and most Nigerians, who already felt disappointed in NASS, the armful opportunity to blackmail them. That, however, will make them vulnerable. They are however privy to this fact. The most of them that are covered as party member will be intimidated because of their past. Who is clean among them?

I love this game! What they cooked that got the house burnt will soon become public knowledge, one just needs to wait for a little time. From Lagos to Portharcourt, Imo to Zamfara, APC is a house divided against itself. If only PDP can take advantage, and why not, they once suffered the same fate and APC reaped bountifully.

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