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Nigerian Girls Live As Sex Slaves In Arab Countries

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Nigeria News takes a look at the illegal migration and how Nigerian ladies are being used as a sex slave in foreign lands.

It was a big relief for them to touch Nigeria soil again. The three ladies were among the 133 Nigerians rescued from Libya and repatriated back home. They spoke to our correspondent in anonymity. They looked sick.

One of them, (Names withheld) was coughing repeatedly as she approached the arrival Hall of the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja Lagos. She was isolated from others because of her critical condition.

It was gathered that she had been suffering from tuberculosis and the condition had reached the advanced stage. She must have been expecting death since there was nobody to take care of her in the Arabian country where she had gone to prostitute.

She needed urgent medical attention, which the National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) has said that it would render. NAPTIP will take her to the hospital before releasing her to the family.

This agency keeps the identity of the victims of human trafficking away from the press and would not even like them to grant any interview.

Thousands of them are being brought back home now due to their pathetic condition in their countries of sojourn. They cried and sobbed as soon as they landed at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport.

There is no place like home. The current economic situation has frustrated them into the hands of the agents of human trafficking who feed fat on illegal migration. Most Nigerian girls end up as sex slaves in Arabian countries, an investigation has revealed.

“They promised them good Jobs and took them through the most dangerous route, including the Mediterranean Sea to sell as slaves to the Arabians, the Commandant of NAPTIP, Lagos command, Mr. Dan Atokolo said.

He explained, “These Arabians hate blacks, they call us monkeys, yet use our girls as sex slaves.”

He lamented that thousands of Nigeria ladies leave for foreign lands without valid documents to suffer the worst inhuman treatment in the hands of their hosts. Human traffickers are joy killers.

According to Atokolo, many of the returnees arrive with various diseases and depression and will have to be taken to the hospital and through several rehabilitation schemes.

Many of the State governments have failed to partner with the Federal Government in the fight against human trafficking, including Lagos that is supposed to champion the course.

Since 2013, NAPTIP had secure 403 convictions at the court against human traffickers. In the last year, out of the 85 convictions recorded, 15 of them were from Lagos State.

“I must add that we were able to bring back a lady trafficked to Oman recently based on tips from the relatives of the victim. We did the same in Libya and Egypt. All these are credits to the DirectorGeneral of NAPTIP” he said.

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