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Nigerian Government: Between the Preys and the Predators

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Monday opened a fresh revelation about the health status of President Muhammadu Buhari, as the stories filtered through Nigeria News platform.

Metaphorically, two prominent Nigerians had taken to their twitter handles to discuss a serious issue in the mildest way ever.

It all began with series of tweets by Senator Shehu Sani, one of the respected lawmakers from Kaduna Central, who described Buhari as a lion king who is away leaving the Hyenas and Jackals to dominate the government.

Sani spoke about the weaker animals who had been praying for the lion king to get well so that he can come and take his rightful position of the head of the animal kingdom.

He spoke about the pythons who were beating drums of secession and those who were threatening the fishes to leave their domain as the crocodiles.

Sani described those clamouring for the restructuring of the Federal structure as the Jaguars, the leopards and the cougars.

To the senators, the hyena and wolves are always in the front row in the kingdom. They are those who are always in the front rows at the Aso Rock Villa mosque.

They will not want the lion king to return so that they take over the kingdom but there is a tiger who is standing in for the lion.

The weak animals are the masses, who are praying that the lion king who is seriously seek in a London Hospital to get quick recovery so that the hyenas, jackals and the wolves will not devour them.

Sani had described the scenario with the best metaphor, which of course has great meaning the lioness, the lion’s wife, Aisha Buhari.

She replied in a series of tweets that the lion is getting better and would soon return to the kingdom. The lioness said that when the lion returns, he will evict all the hyenas and jackals from the kingdom.

Aisha Buhari is currently with her ailing husband in London but her tweets give a lot of reliefs to the weak animals. She posited that the prayers of the weaker animals had been answered and that the lion king would soon arrive to remove the lower predators.

Sani commended the tenacity of the lioness to have responded wisely and also wished the lion quick recovery.

Undoubtedly, all is not well with the present administration and this has shown in the last few weeks of row between the senate and the presidency over confirmation of nominees.

The row showed there were moles in the Federal Executive Council who were out to frustrate the tiger and wished that the lion perished abroad.

Aisha Buhari once raised the alarm that some cabals had hijacked government from her husband. She was misperceived even by the president who said that Aisha knew little about governance and that she belonged to the kitchen and other rooms.

Meanwhile, Acting President Yemi Osinbajo jetted out of the country on Tuesday to see Buhari in London and returned late last night.

Though he had kept mum since his return, his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Mr. Laolu Akande said that details of the meeting would be made public soon.

Perhaps it may contain the eviction of the hyenas and jackals from the kingdom by the tiger even before the arrival of the lion king.

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