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Nigerian Ladies As Endangered Species

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Nigeria News takes a look at the rate at which Nigerian ladies are being killed by ritualists tagged Yahoo Boys.

The death of Miss Adewura Latifat Bello is one out of hundreds that happen to our ladies in Nigeria weekly.

Many are not reported and because there is no mechanism to trace a lost person, the crime of abduction for ransom and rituals is on the rise.

When you wake everyday, please say a silent prayer for our ladies, they have become the most endangered specie in recent time.

The story of Adewura is incomprehensible. Nobody, including the police, can give the vivid account of her disappearance until her dead body was found inside Lagos canal.

Her last call on May 15 was with a relative in which she said she was at Cement Bus Stop, Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway. She was returning from work but never got home.

A story said she must have drowned in flood after a torrent of May 15. It was also gathered that she fell from “Okada” into an open manhole and drowned.

If it is so, did the “Okada rider also fall and if not where is the “Okada man at present? Is he alive or dead? These and many other questions are begging for answers.

May God grant the relatives of Adewura the fortitude to bear this loss. The innocent lady had paid with her life, the laxity of government to provide quality security for the citizenry.

Our ladies are being tormented daily. The internet fraudsters, also known as “Yahoo Boys” now use the ladies as the ingredient of propitiation. They kill them for rituals.

Shall we say that these ladies die the way they live? That those who ran into the hands of ritualists were themselves seeking easy virtues but ended as the sacrificial lambs.

But that has since subsided, many ladies have become so careful with who will ask them out, following gory stories of their friends that had been killed with their mutilated bodies dumped by roadsides weekly.

While they run away from being used, the ritualists seek the ladies pants. They seek their clothes and Wigs. The criminals are after the ladies and children. Young men are not spared in this spate of insecurity.

The cultists use the pants but sell the Wigs. According to findings, a Brazilian wig costs between N15,000 and N150,000.

Invariably, if the body is not useful for ritual, the ritualists go for the quality wig, which they can sell to make money.

There is poverty in the land. The ladies, many of whom are graduates are in desperate need of funds to procure basic needs of life.

They are being used as cheap labours in many of the factories across the country. A visit to Lagos-Ibadan Expressway is a true reflect of how inhuman Nigerian Ladies are being treated by Korean entrepreneurs.

They resume as early as 7am, close at 6pm and earn between N800 and N1200 daily depending on the volume of work they do.

When they are lured into prostitution, they easily see the trade as an alternative to make more money and make ends meet. In this, they become prey for ritualists, captive by kidnappers.

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