Nigerian Newspapers Report That President Buhari Leaves for an Urgent Treatment

A few days ago, various Nigerian Newspapers reported that President Buhari was experiencing some difficulties with drinking and eating.  The president’s media relations group has revealed that he will be leaving tonight to get an urgent health treatment.  Prior to this incident, the President conduct a brief meeting with the Chibok Girls at Aso Rock Villa.  The Aso Rock Villa is a controlled facility that is limited only to the government-owned media house.

Africans Worried about the Condition of President Buhari

Nigerian Newspapers learned that last Friday, President Buhari was brought to a mosque.  They believe that it was an impending sign that his health is in a bad condition.  Based on the most recent reports, the condition of the President has worsened since that day.   This is why the team decided to get an immediate medical attention at London.  The original plan was to travel to UK this coming Wednesday.  In fact, three medical experts have been summoned in order to prepare the president for his medical trip.

According to the Press Statement which was distributed to various Nigerian Newspapers, his trip to London will be a follow-up consultation.  They were planning to leave that afternoon, but they decided to push it back since he wanted to meet with the Chiboki girls.  The Africans are anxious about the condition of their President, but he assured them that there is nothing to worry about.  He also expressed his gratitude from the prayers and wishful greetings of his people.  He further stated that they should also continue to pray from the unity and peace of their country.

Different Nigerian newspapers also informed the public that the extent of his stay in London will be determined by his doctors.  In the meantime, the government will remain functional under the direct supervision of the Vice President.  This announcement was made public hours after the 74-year-old President met with the Chiboki girls.

The Chiboki girls were returned after being held by the extremists group for three years.  The nation rejoices at the return of their school girls, but they were startled upon learning about the condition of the President.  Based on the past reports of the Nigerian newspapers, the President has already missed a total of three consecutive cabinet meetings.  The spokesperson said that he is spending most of his time working at home.  Last Friday, they released his first appearance after a week-long hiatus.

The true nature of the President’s condition is still unclear. When he returned to his initial medical screening last March, the President gave a hint about a blood transfusion.  This has prompted some to call for his replacement.  However, the President assured the public that everything is fine and that is nothing that they should worry about.  This medical trip of the President has also been clarified before.  Based on the earlier reports by the Nigerian Newspapers, the media team stated that the President will need additional checkups after the initial medical assessment last March.

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