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Nigerian Pupils, Parents Struggle With Homework

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Nigeria News takes a look at the situation in which private school teachers now load pupils with homework as parents now turned teachers at home.

Have you noticed the new trend among pupils nowadays that they spend hours on school assignments after school? Despite huge fees that the parents have paid to these private institutions, they have to sit down with their children at home to put them through.

What is the essence of sending a child to school if you will have to teach him at home and help write his assignment, also known as homework? And most times, parents have to google search to answer some of the questions brought home by these children.

One begins to query if what the children bring home as assignments actually form parts of the curriculum. I have resisted the temptation of destroying the teachers’ institution especially before little children perhaps they may develop an interest in the future to take up a career in teaching.

But the lack of passion for teaching among many teachers of today has continued to be the bane of the profession, which of course is affecting many pupils today.

The children come back home from school with loads of homework.  Ministries of Education of various states are doing a lot; inspection goes on round the clock, to fish out illegal school or the likes. Curriculums have also been expanded to accommodate new bodies of knowledge and new ideas that are evolving at the speed of light.

However, it is becoming the rule among private schools to load these little children with homework.

I have a few issues with the modern school system. One of them is exorbitant tuition fees as well as a deluge of extracurricular expenses cleverly drafted to make more profits.

Most adults still have the vivid memory of how they learnt in schools without pressure, yet they excelled. 

I am saddened most of the assignments children come home with these days are from uncovered syllabuses. Seems our modern-day teachers just want to seize advantage of homework to cover grounds.

I have spoken with many parents and they regale me with woes of how they practically have to do the homework for their kids.

Then, the homework is damn too many. I thought the essence is to solidify what the kids were taught and expose them to internalize the knowledge imparted.

But how do you explain a 4-year-old coming home with four or five homework for submission the following day? What time do they have to do it? Sadly, they have not even been taught the topics in the first place, a parent, Mrs Bunkunmi Ebunoluwa said.

I am sad the private sector of education has bastardised things for us. They seem more interested in making money as against raising world-class leaders, she said.

Kudos to most wives, many children wouldn’t have known how to read letters or count numbers. And it affects the teachers themselves. They also go back home to do their children’s homework.

Governments at all levels must stand up to address this anomaly now. There is a need to enforce laws on competency and qualification of teachers.

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