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Nigerians’ Hypocritical Stance Over Oyedepo’s Gesture

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ElevateNews takes a look at the barrage of criticism as Bishop David Oyedepo approves N650 million for the repair of government road.

Criticizing Bishop David Oyedepo of the Faith Tabernacle for approving N650 million to repair a portion of Lagos-Abeokuta Road from the Toll Gate to Idiroko is the height of hypocrisy.

What are we not going to criticize in this country? There are millions now as internet trolls. They have made the social media platforms so mind-numbing that the real public analysts had left the space for them.

What is bad in a church stepping out to implement one of its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)? A CSR that is very crucial at this time, yet the critics began to raise insults on the church, saying that Oyedepo had approved the money so as not to lose the numerous members of his church who pay tithes and offerings that ply the road.

What a hypocritical thinking and it speaks volume of who we are as a people. I think the church should be applauded in this regard for taking up the responsibility of the government to fix the moribund road.

For 16 years of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the road was abandoned. It became a death trap for motorists while successive administrations do not deem it fit for repair.

The debate before now was that churches had since become a business venture and frankly, Oyedepo has received much of the attacks due to his prosperity preaching. His church has been accused of scamming his members to donate while nothing is being done to alleviate their poverty or give back to society.

But now that the church has stood up to fix a road, which both the Christians and Muslims will be using, I think it is commendable instead of condemnation.

A few days ago, it was reported that the Bishop bought a new jet, which of course generated loads of critics, including a constructive censure from me. But the recent N650 million released by the church should be applauded and should be emulated by other religious bodies.

The White Missionaries who brought Christianity to us used social service to bring our forefathers to embrace the new religion. Service to humanity first before thinking of eternity that was the way the missionaries forced Christianity down the throat of our forefathers.

If Oyedepo and a few other church leaders are now retracing their steps to give to humanity so as to sustain eternity, so be it. Let parts of the tithes and offerings be spent on public projects instead of diverting all on church buildings and faithbased educational institutions.

Perhaps, the National and State Assemblies should legislate on the participation of religious bodies in nationbuilding by funding some capital projects. An average Nigerian Christian listens to his pastor more attentively than a government official. More money is made through tithes and offerings more than what the government is making in taxes.

Because of the failure of the governments over the years, many Nigerians prefer to evade tax to not paying tithe and offering.

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