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Nigerians’ Loud Silence On Joshua’s Defeat

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Nigeria News takes a look at the Sunday’s defeat of Anthony Joshua, a Nigerian-British heavyweight boxer.

I thought I woke up on the wrong side of the bed until I slept again. Nigerian-British heavyweight boxer, Anthony Joshua just lost his belts, WBO, IBF and WBA to American-Mexican Andy Ruiz Jr.

Joshua fell four times within seven rounds before he was finally knocked out in his first fight in New York City, the United States.

With this, he will need to relaunch himself back into the capital of boxing, perhaps against another opponent.

Joshua had a rematch contract with Ruiz, which must take place in the United Kingdom. If he wins, the Briton must still find a space in the US to prove that he is truly a heavyweight champion.

Ruiz was an underdog before Sunday morning. But his resilience after being dropped in round three by Joshua saw him through.

He punched his way through the body and head of Joshua flooring the champion twice in round seven before the referee could stop the fight.

Joshua was asked if he could continue, yes he answered but the referee noticed that his voice had gone, his eyes swollen and blood dripped from his nose.

His legs Wobbled, the referee saved Joshua from further punishment and disgrace.

In round four, Ruiz noticed the fear in Joshua’s eyes. He capitalised on this weakness to throw more jabs as he hit the Briton with bundle of punches that sent him down to the canvass.

In round five, Joshua queried his corner, “What’s wrong with me. What round are we.”

This has never happened in boxing history for a boxer to ask his corner the number of rounds he had fought while the fight was going on.

It shows fatigue, loss of memory and sense of defeat even before the end of the bout. Joshua cannot walk freely on the street of New York and if he must do, he should go back there to fight again.

Back home in Nigeria where Joshua had suddenly become a role model a few years ago, only a few people noticed the big defeat that just befell the hard-punching Briton heavyweight.

Many Nigerians are still in the euphoria of the UEFA champion’s league won by Liverpool. There are millions of Liverpool fans in Nigeria whose jubilation have suppressed Joshua’s predicament.

To many Nigerians, the defeat came as a shock. Nobody gave Ruiz a chance.

Sunday’s match showed that boxing is more than body-building as Ruiz, a chubby Mexican boxer out punched the steel-muscled-Joshua to become a new champion of the world.

It also showed that Joshua could only punch, he lacks the strength to absorb punches. Clearly, Joshua has a lot to do to pick himself up again and continue to learn. The heavyweight division is more open now with Ruiz joining the number.

The WBC title-holder Deontay Wilder has announced his rematch with Tyson Fury. Wilder remains the main man with the belt WBC belt on line for any of the boxers to take from him.

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