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Nigeria’s House of Commotion

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Nigeria News takes a look at the upheaval as the country prepares for 2019 polls.


Unarguably, the political atmosphere in Nigeria is becoming tenser as the country prepares for the 2019 general election. There are threats of defections from the players and formation of new alliances by political parties as it happened in 2014.


The hurried alliance of 2014, of course, produced the All Progressives Congress, APC that eventually chased away the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP that had ruled for 16 years.


Again, what played out about four years ago, in which different characters of different principles; men of selfish and personal ambitions came together is gradually raising its ugly head again.


This is not the best time for Nigeria and if care is not taken, as Pastor E.A Adeboye put it, there may be no election or a country called Nigeria again.


The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, expressed fear that with the spate of killings in some parts of Nigeria and the ineptness of the government to stop it, the election may not hold in the country.


I am optimistic that election will hold based on the resolute of the ruling APC government to remain in power but the political atmosphere at present is suggesting a chaotic future that may arise from the agitation of the aggrieved interest groups.


There are aggrieved groups, even in the APC now who are bent on decamping to opposition parties because their voices had been suppressed by the cabals in the ruling party.


There are opposition parties who are battle ready to contain any plot to rig the election by the ruling party. Of course, a new party came to the limelight on Thursday, the African Democratic Congress, ADC.


Announcing ADC, former president Olusegun said that the political party would serve as a good platform for the Coalition for Nigeria Movement to realize its goal of better Nigeria.


Recalled that the former president joined some prominent Nigerians a few months ago to form the Coalition for Nigeria Movement but with the promise that the movement would not be partisan.


However, it became clear that the group might metamorphose into a political party when one of the conveners, a former Governor of Osun State, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola resigned from the present government.


Oyinlola who was an APC member until Monday may have defected to ADC, which is now the political platform for the CNM.


Though this formula may look interesting, many see it as a pure vendetta to remove President Muhammadu Buhari from power at all cost.


There is a serious alliance that is going on between some members of APC and the Social Democratic Party. There is also the alliance between the Peoples Democratic Party and APC. As a matter of fact, the ADC will be luring members of the APC, PDP, SDP to its side.


In all of this, the APC has been the common factor. How it will not return to power and how Buhari will not rule again.


While the gladiators are strategizing over the 2019 election, it must be noted that killings by herdsmen have not been abated. This is a big factor that will also determine the 2019 election, which of course the government has lacked the necessary antidote to stop.

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