Nigeria’s Security In The Hands of God

Nigeria News takes a look at the security situation of the country as regards to thugs’ invasion of Senate chamber.


Whoever says there is security in Nigeria should think about what happened at the Senate chambers a few days ago. The Federal Government says, as usual, the invasion of the National Assembly by hoodlums and the subsequent seizing of the Senate mace will be investigated.


Yes, it is normal that the shame is investigated, perhaps to create some news for the media. There have been loads of investigations without results.


I want to believe, this will not be an exception. Soon, the police will parade the suspects that stormed the NASS and soon the suspects will escape from the police cell. And another investigation will begin on how the suspects escape from custody.


This is the new drama about the security situation in Nigeria from the presidency to the common man on the street, the story is the same.


The only difference is that the highly placed citizens have convoys which filled with police officers of low Intelligent Quotient.


The common men on the streets, pray their asses out to God for protection. And if you see your neighbour who has turned his home to crusade ground, he does so not for kingdom salvation alone but for security in Nigeria.


Police hardly pick distress calls and when they pick, they request for funds to buy fuel for their patrol vehicle. Hoodlums easily and proudly take personal belongings of motorists in the traffic.


Not that the police are not doing their best, they also need help. A policeman is not safe in Nigeria. He is not equipped with necessary weapons to fight crime. He is not well paid and he lacks the intelligence to know where to be and not to be at every given time.


With the architectural masterpiece of our National Assembly, someone should tell me why CCTV was not installed. If indeed there was one, who monitors and manages the movement of people within the premises. Or the device was kept in the Senate President office, being the number one citizen of the house. Someone should tell me how the ‘thugs’ scaled the first, the second gates and the foyer leading to the chamber with the retinue of policemen, DSS and other security staff of the mighty legislators.


The hallowed chamber was expected to have doors with coded locks and scanners whilst plenary session was on. Are we saying there were no intelligence officers who do routine checks and monitoring?


In this age and time where artificial intelligence does wonders, our dancing and poetic senators only care about committees’ oversight functions.


Our politicians are too canal to have a functional system in place so as to circumvent it.


As long as we continue to look on the outward for evil tendencies, we would not go past this mediocrity and shame!


Let me tell you a simple story that happened in the ballroom of Eko Hotel and Suites many years ago. The room played host to a regional meeting of a particular bank.


In the course of the breakfast meeting ‘someone’ stole an iPad of a Kenyan who stepped out to ease himself and the Nigerian host was asked to help out.


A lady quickly left her table to look for the staff of the hotel so that she could trace the thief through the CCTV. To her dismay, she was told the hall had no cameras. By the time she got back to her own table, her own iPad had also been stolen…. the rest is history.


As the Federal Government and the police begin to investigate the stolen mace, let it be known that security has gone beyond gun and bullets, it is more of science. Let the government invest in technology.

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