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NLC’s Sympathy Bargain With Buhari’s Government

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Nigeria News takes a look at the energy the Nigeria Labour Congress has put into realizing a N30, 000 minimum wage under the present Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

Dilly-dallying over the new minimum wage has shown that the Nigeria civil servants are not prepared to down the present administration.

Threatening President Muhammadu Buhari with a strike is a strategy that may not work now that the state governors have expressed their unwillingness to pay N30, 000 minimum wage.

The Nigeria Labour Congress’ continuous dialogue with the government to implement the recommendation of the tripartite committee has become a tea party that would not bring out any meaningful result.

I guess a serious Labour union will capitalise on the present political atmosphere to seal a deal with a party that can meet its demands.

On Monday, President Buhari listened to the state governors with rapt attention but was disappointed that the governors could not accept the N30, 000 minimum wage.

They told the president that the states would go bankrupt if it should pay N30, 000 minimum wage.

But here is a Peoples Democratic Party and some other political parties whose candidates had promised increased Labour wage and jobs if voted into Power.

One would have expected the NLC to approach these parties and seal a deal on Minimum Wage rather than dilly-dally with the present administration.

This is also the best time for the PDP presidential candidate, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar to make a deal with the Nigeria Workforce on what he is capable of doing if given the opportunity to serve.

Recalled that Atiku recently increased the minimum wage of his staff to N35, 000 while the dialogue between the Federal Government and the NLC could not reach a meaningful end on the N30, 000.

The Buhari-led APC government is very confident that it would win the 2019 election and it’s not ready to seal a deal it would not be able to implement.

The NLC has the destiny in its own hand by voting in a party that will be ready to better the lots of its members.

But they are also being careful in that Nigeria political parties hardly fulfil the promises made to the electorate.

Three years ago, the hope of an average Nigerian rose when President Buhari won the election but it seems that the hope has been dashed.

Increased fuel pump Price, foreign exchange market with N360 to a dollar, one of the worst FOREX in Nigeria history. Most Nigerians have lost their jobs, even when the government makes a loud noise about N-Power.

We ask, where are the jobs and where are Nigerians with the new jobs? Yet civil servants have endured all. They dialogue but with less energy and have called off impending strike with the hope that the government would make a deal.

At a time, there was jubilation that Buhari had approved the N30, 000 minimum wage but the president denied it the second day.

He cut short the jubilation and rescheduled a deliberation, which may not produce a favourable result, judging by the attitude of the governors.

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