Nollywood Actor Sammy Udiminue Defiles 8-Year-Old Girl

Nollywood Actor Defiles 8-Year-Old Girl

The Ishaga Police Division of the Lagos State Police Command has arrested a Nollywood actor, Sammy Udiminue, popularly known as Sam for allegedly defiling an eight-year-old girl.


The actor committed the crime in his Ishaga residence when the girl came to deliver a message to him on Thursday, January 25.


According to findings, the actor is dating the girl’s mother (names withheld) and usually goes to her house also located on the same street.


It was gathered that the lady (actor’s girlfriend) who lived with her mother in the area had sent her eight-year-daughter to her boyfriend (actor) on the fateful day but luck ran out of them as the innocent girl was sexually assaulted.


It was the mother that noticed the anomaly when she picked the girl’s pant to wash on Saturday but discovered blood stains.


The mother quickly raised the alarm. The innocent girl confessed how the actor had defiled her and asked her not to tell anybody.


Angered by the actor’s wickedness, the mother reported the case to the Community Residents Association and the suspect was arrested.


Asked how it happened, the innocent girl said, “My mummy asked me to collect something from Uncle Sam. When I got there, his wife and children were not at home. So Uncle Sam slept with me.”


The actor is happily married with two kids but investigation showed that he is a philander and had had sexual affairs with more than six girls on the same street.


 The actor who hails from Cross Rivers State had since confessed to the crime, adding that it was the work of the devil.


However, the relatives of the actor’s wife had been appealing to the police not to take the matter to court so as to protect their names but the victim’s relatives had refused.


According to one of the neighbours, the grandmother wants the case in court by all means. She is not giving a damn about the relatives and wife of the accused actor.


The grandmother confessed that she knew the relationship between her daughter and the actor, adding, “The actor has committed a taboo and will not go scot-free.


Another revelation is that the victim’s father is a hustler and has vowed to get justice in court.


Meanwhile, the community elders have given the actor and his entire family an ultimatum of a month to leave the neighbourhood for the safety of other innocent girls.


Other people who are also living along the same street with him have asked the accused Nollywood actor and his family members to stay away from the street where the incident happened and even urged them to vacate the house as soon as both families take a final decision on whether to charge him to court or settle it based on certain agreements.


There is a possibility of both the victim’s family and the accused family reaching an agreement to settle the issue amicably in order not to allow more things to be spoilt because the deed is done.

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