Obasanjo Behaves Like Hypocrite – Sagay

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The Chairman, Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-corruption, Professor Itse Sagay has said that former President Olusegun Obasanjo is behaving more like a hypocrite.

Sagay said this while reacting to the alleged mismanagement of $16 billion on National Integrated Power Projects, NIPP during Obasanjo’s regime.

The senior advocate said that heavens would not fall if Obasanjo is tried. “Obasanjo is not the only one that will be tried. Obasanjo’s holier than thou attitude would be examined.

 “I am very pure and better than everybody’ attitude. He pretends and behaves like a hypocrite, a person who puts himself up as something that he is not and then condemns all other people like what these Jewish Pharisees used to do. We cannot tolerate that sort of thing in this country,” Sagay said.

Recalled that Obasanjo had advised President Muhammadu Buhari not to contest in 2019, citing his health status and alleged clannishness as reasons.

Obasanjo had also formed two groups, the Coalition for Nigeria Movement and the African Democratic Congress to stop Buhari from contesting.

He also condemned Buhari’s economic policies.

However, Dr Junaid Mohammed, and Mr Akin Oshuntokun, himself a political associate of ex-President Obasanjo has rebuffed Sagay’s stance.

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