Obasanjo Will Soon Become A National Nuisance – Adamu

Obasanjo Will Soon Become A National Nuisance - Adamu

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo might become a national nuisance with the way he is going about discrediting his successors, the former Nasarawa State Governor Abdullahi Adamu has warned.


Adamu said that the former president would not allow the administrations after him to work but prefer to write letters to derail them from performing.


Senator Adamu noted the newly formed Coalition for Nigeria Movement being led by Obasanjo was created in bad fate to run down the present government.


He explained that such person like Obasanjo was supposed to be investigated based on his antecedents as the mastermind of some corrupt practices during his tenure.


“Obasanjo is a free man today because Buhari does “not intend to leave a bleeding, disunited nation and disarticulated socio-economic development at the end of his tenure”,” he said.


He stated that Obasanjo would rather promote himself than helping any other governments since he left office in 1979.


“He has always undermined other administrations as if he is the only one that has the capacity to rule. He comes around to impose himself and decide who rules the country,’ Adamu said.


To Adamu, there is process of changing president. “If Nigerians are tired of Buhari, they will change him but Obasanjo has no right to decide for Nigerians by telling Buhari not to run again,” he said.

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