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Okada: Banned In Lagos, Embraced In Ogun

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ElevateNews takes a look at the ban imposed on “Okada” in Lagos and the implications on the neighbouring States.

Ogun State has always been the dumping ground of the consequences of Lagos State strict policies.

Be it environmental or transportation policy, including policies that have helped Lagos security system.

These two States are so close that a first time visitor to the boundary towns of either of them will think he is in Lagos after all.

When Lagos came up with the land use law and demolition of shanties, many residents in the State migrated to Ogun where land and house rents are cheaper.

When Lagos introduced the State Security Trust Funds to curb bank robbery and reduce crime, many of the armed robbers found their way to Ogun and some other States in the Southwest region and beyond.

Now that Lagos has banned commercial motorcycle and tricycle operation, Ogun State should expect new visitors.

Lagos State government has observed over the years that the proliferation of Okada operators contributed more to the insecurity and accident on its highways.

During his administration, former Governor of the State, Mr. Babatunde Fashola restricted Okada operation in over 400 routes but this regulation was thwarted by his successor, Akinwunmi Ambode.

Ambode did not only allow the Okada riders to ply the roads, he licensed the corporate “Okada” operation.

This corporate Okada would soon become nuisance when the new governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu came on board.

The unlicensed Okada operators easily mingled with the likes of Gokada and others to ply restricted roads.

Of course, crime rate steadily increased with more accidents on the highway.

According to the State Ministry of Health, over a thousand residents were involved in Okada accidents in 2019.

Unfortunately, these are the challenges the residents of Ogun State will have to face now that many of the Okada riders, mostly from the Northern parts of this country will move to Ogun.

The boundary towns of Ogun State have suffered neglect by successive administrations. With the ban placed on Okada in Lagos, one will expect the government of Ogun to do the same or else, it will bear the pains of the ban.

The visible security put in these boundary towns are the handiwork of the residents associations, which to me cannot be effective enough for security.

Investigation revealed that many of the Northerners who operate Okada in Lagos and Ogun always hide knife in their trousers to attack their passengers in the night hours.

It was also gathered that many of these Okada operators are from Niger and Republic of Benin.

They are not Nigerians and they are very mean. They are combatant and always carry weapon to commit crime.

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