Olusosun Dumpsite: Police Arrest 80, Discover Toy Guns, Dangerous Weapons

Olusosun Dumpsite: Police Arrest 80, Discover Toy Guns, Dangerous Weapons

Nigeria News takes a look at the Lagos popular dumpsite, Olusosun that has been on fire for almost a month as another criminal hideout in the state.


Olusosun is a residential area in Lagos but very popular because it has the biggest dumpsite in the metropolis. It shares a fence with the Motorway edifice, a sprawling office at the 7up Bus Stop, a stone throw to the old Toll Gate.


The smelly air in the area will easily welcome a newcomer to the state of the aquatic splendour towards the popular Ojota Bus Stop. Most travellers stop at Ojota and have to pass by the dumpsite. It stinks and very odorous.


However, early last month, fire suddenly erupted at the dumpsite. The dustmen, the waste workers and of course the scavengers on the mountain of refuse scampered for safety.


There was no casualty but the sooty smoke covered the sky and eventually threw the road into heavy traffic, forcing motorists to park their vehicles.


For almost a week, the fire was burning with smoke. The state government had to advise the residents around the place to relocate to prevent any airborne illness.


The excuse of the State Fire Service was that it could not put out the fire due to the organic nature of the waste and that it would continue to burn naturally for as long as it could exhaust the inflammable stuff.


But the cause of the incident became suspicious when the State Governor Mr Akinwunmi Ambode said that the dumpsite would be relocated to Epe and Ikorodu areas of Lagos.


To him, a dumpsite is not supposed to be at the entrance of the state in the first place. The governor sounds reasonable but since the fire incident, the heaps of wastes on Lagos roads have grown taller.


An investigation revealed that the fire incident at Olusosun Dumpsite was a deliberate handiwork of the present Lagos government to relocate the site and also curb criminal activities in the area.


A few years ago, a drummer man was killed under the Bridge close to the dumpsite. The body of the drummer and his drum were found early in the morning.


Also discovered around the site were various Identity Cards belonging to the victims of hoodlums who had turned the dumpsite to hideouts.


The police also discovered pants, clothes, wallets under the Ketu-Ojota Bridge. It was learnt that the perpetrators of these crimes lived on the dumpsite.


They built shanties at the dumpsite and disguised as dustmen to pick valuable items. They crawled out in the night to unleash mayhem on innocent Lagos residents. Many have died, many lost their valuables to the criminals at the dumpsite.


Perhaps, that is why the operatives of the Lagos State Police Command invaded the burning dumpsite on Tuesday. Surprisingly, the police met hundreds of hoodlums at the site and could only arrest 80 of them.


As soon as the suspects sighted the vehicles of the Rapid Response Squad, they fled but some of them were apprehended.


Also recovered with the hoodlums are toy guns of various sizes, which they used to scare their victims. The police also recovered various dangerous weapons, including hammer, knives, machetes and chisels.

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