Olusosun: From Dumpsite To Recreation Centre

Nigeria News takes a look at the plan by Lagos State Government to convert the Olusosun dump site to a recreation centre.


The sound is so audible that it attracts the attention of every passerby. The heavy-duty excavators’ work at the Olusosun dump site is very visible from afar. The site is gradually becoming a new sight.


The stinking odour is less perceived now as the smoke from the site steadily subsides. Soon, Olusosun dumpsite will become a recreation centre.


That is the plan of the present Lagos State Government. A few months ago, a thick smoke grew out of the dump that threw the popular Lagos Toll Gate into darkness.


The sky became cloudy, forcing motorists along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway to slow down. Lagos was thrown into heavy traffic on that day.


The smoke would not vanish and according to the government, the dump was razed by fire and because of the nature of the wastes at the dump, the fire would burn for a long time.


So it is burnt and it is still burning. However, the government has moved heavy-duty tractors to the site and daily filling the site with red soil.


There is a new lease of life around Olusosun. Residents in the area told our correspondent that they now breathed fresh air and the fear of epidemic was no more.


Some of the residents who packed out of their residences are returning home. This is the new story of Olusosun, a residential area of Lagos that is popular for housing the heaviest tonnes of wastes for many years.


The dump site attracted scavengers, dustmen, hoodlums and armed robbers to the area. It became the haven of Lagos touts.


Today, the state government has taken a drastic step to recreate a former dump site and provide solace for Lagosians who live in Olusosun and of course for visitors.


Olusosun is a gateway to Lagos. It is not supposed to be an eyesore but a beautiful landscape to usher in people to the state of aquatic splendour.


In some ways, clearing the dump site, beautifying it for recreation centre will not only improve the aesthetic of Lagos, it has since solved the bigger problem of armed robbers who lived at the site.


It is the dust that flies into offices around the place now not smoke, a bank staff, Mr Tunji Adebanjo at the Motorway building, 7up Bus Stop has said.


Adebanjo said, “Before now, offices in this edifice didn’t open their windows and doors because of odorous smell from the site. It became worse when the fire incident came up. The smoke would always find its way into the apartment.”


However, the story has since changed in the last few weeks. Tippers moved in loads of red soil to fill the site while heavy tractors spread the soil around.


“This will be beautiful if it true that Olusosun will be turned to a recreation centre,” Mrs Lola Onipede said. She explained, “I believe it is possible anyway. It will only take some money and since Lagos Government is ready to do so, let us wait and see how the dump site will look when it finally becomes a recreation centre.”

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