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One Politician And His Many Political Parties

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ElevateNews takes a look at the number of political parties in Nigeria and how it has become so easy for politicians to jump from one party to another.

That is how we roll in Nigeria where politics has become “cash and carry” trade.

It does not matter who your mentor is or which political philosophy you embrace, in as much as you have money to flaunt, you are easily absorbed into the circle.

You become more relevant if you are daring and can do heinous jobs for political godfathers.

So, becoming a political office holder is not necessarily about your scintillating resume or superb ideology, it is more of your tendency to cause trouble and scare opponents.

If it is about idea and documentation of manifestos, Nigerian politicians are good at that. All the political parties have good manifestos. You can’t fault that.

But it is just one of the documents they forget on the shelf, they hardly implement it, including the ruling All Progressives Congress.

The parties and their representatives are easily carried away by the euphoria of the office as soon as they assume power.

It does not matter, which party you belong to at present, it is not different from the opposition and other parties.

There is nothing like party policy, every politician in Nigeria as at today think and act the same way. How to make money into their pockets.

It is not a crime to jump from one party to another for solace and self-interest.

Ask the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, he will tell you how many parties he had emerged as its presidential flagbearer since 1999.

Ask former President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, he will educate you on why there are so many parties, yet the politicians are the same.

This gives the political elites the latitude to crisscross any time their interests are not taken care of by their former party.

I could remember how late Chief Bola Ige developed the manifestos of the Peoples Democratic Party but abandoned it when he noticed the characters that would form the core of the party.

He later wrote the manifestos of the Alliance For Democracy but regretted the kind of politics the foundation members played against him.

About a week ago, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo revealed that the APC manifestos were put together by Professor Pat Utomo and some other eggheads.

But today, Utomi is regretting the failure or refusal of the party to implement the manifestos he painstakingly wrote.

Worse still, he was tactically booted out of the race to contest the governorship election in Delta State by a party he laboured to write its manifestos.

He is still a member anyway but not a happy party man. His gentlemanly and academic approaches do not work in a kind of Nigeria politics.

The difference among the political parties exists in their logos not even in their manifestos and agenda.

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