Osinbajo’s offers Of Hope in Time of Crisis

Osinbajo’s offers Of Hope in Time of Crisis

Nigeria News take a look at the role of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in the recent fuel scarcity

There is something about this current administration. It is the sincerity of the key two leading figures, President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in creating a better country for Nigerians.

No doubt, they have their shortcomings, their patriotism and resilience to walk the hard way in securing Nigeria from collapse are apparent. Buhari’s body language may have shown some signs of monocracy in the recent fuel scarcity, Osinbajo’s civility has quickly compensated for this.

The vice president has been the face of the government of hope in the time of crisis and this has helped a lot in dousing the tension that could have escalated to a serious mayhem in the country.

One could remember the sudden rise in the prices of commodities about a year ago when tomatoes and many other farms produce like yam, rice beans, maize and sorghum became so scarce that average Nigerians could not afford it anymore.

Osinbajo appeared in Abuja market and instead of the marketers booing him, the vice president was commended for his concern and sincerity in working to alleviate the problem of the suffering masses.

At the popular Garki Market in Abuja, the masses easily forgot the high prices of commodities as they sought selfie with the vice president.

Not that Nigerians do not like Buhari but it is clear that Osinbajo has the muscle to easily interact with the masses whenever there is a crisis.

He was in Adamawa State to console the families of people massacred by unknown gunmen. He is maximally using his calling as a cleric and his oratory power as a senior advocate to provide succour for many Nigerians who are down mostly in a time of crisis.

Osinbajo’s prompt intervention to douse “hate speeches” by meeting with the major ethnic groups in Nigeria was timely and it happened while President Muhammadu Buhari was away on a medical trip in London.

The vice president was in Lagos on the Eve of Christmas to address the scarcity of fuel, which nearly ruined the country’s economy in the last one week.

He took his time to visit some filling stations and visibly seen dispensing Premium Motor Spirit to motorists. Osinbajo was in Victoria Garden City, Lekki and Apapa Lagos not for fun but to meet with oil stakeholders on the way forward out of the fuel shortage.

He interacted freely with motorists and called oil marketers who were hoarding fuel to order. He warned them to stop the act of sabotage and directed law enforcement agents to arrest any erring marketer.

That is Osinbajo. He preferred to visit Apapa to being in church or home on Christmas Day because his job has gone beyond the church. He is a national leader and must show hope that this government can resolve the present problems.

At present, there are more filling stations selling PMS with a lesser queue.

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