Otedola Explosion: Senate Wants Stricter Regulation on Petrol Tankers

In the aftermath of the petrol tanker fire disaster in Lagos in which 12 persons died, the Senate has called for stricter enforcement of the ban on movement of tankers and articulated vehicles during the day.

This resolution was reached after a motion was raised in plenary on Wednesday by the representative of Lagos East Senatorial District, Senator Gbenga Ashafa.

Standing on order 52, Senator Gbenga Ashafa brought before his colleagues on Wednesday, the urgent need for stricter enforcement of the rules banning the movement of articulated vehicles in the daytime and the need for drivers to respect road safety rules.

The Senate, therefore, called for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incidence and those guilty should be prosecuted.

Last Week Thursday, a petrol laden tanker exploded on Otedola Bridge along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, killing about 12 people while about 54 vehicles got burnt.

The Lagos State Government has vowed to prosecute the driver of the tanker and the company he represented.

The government also enforced the Vehicle Inspectorate Office to ensure that all articulate vehicles on the Lagos road are certified to be road worthy before allowing them to ply the road.

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