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Our Joshua Must Be Animal To Win Ruiz

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ElevateNews takes a look at the fight between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz on Saturday in Saudi Arabia.

“You know rope dope. Mohammed Ali tricked me with that to knock me out”.

If I may quote one of the greatest pugilists, George Foreman as he prepared to come back, almost 20 years after the “Rumble In The Jungle”, which happened here in Zaire, Africa.

Nobody ever gave that match to Ali but on October 30, 1974, the monster in Ali manifested when he made a mockery of Foreman as the match proceeded, “Is that all what you’ve got”.

Foreman’s punches were heavy on Ali but in round seven Ali’s combinations rocked Foreman to the canvass.

Ali would have ended Foreman’s career if he had landed the last hook but he withdrew the punch as Foreman steadily kissed the floor.

It was the heavy weight that had no part two as Foreman later became an evangelist working at the Vinyard of God.

He was to come back during the reigns of the most talented boxer of all times, Iron Mike Tyson but Ali easily told Foreman, “Don’t ever try Tyson.”

The New York City boy was an animal in his era. God has a way of doing things. He made the two stars to shine at a different era.

Thank God Tyson was not around when Ali was winning. He only came to avenge Ali by beating Larry Holmes in the fourth round with some rocket blows.

Foreman also confessed, “One man I never prayed to fight was Tyson. That boy was terrific.

In his comment on Anthony Joshua after the Briton defeated Wladimir Klitschko, Tyson said “I thought that boy was one of those pampered children in London. But he surprised me, beating Klitschko.”

But Joshua’s defeat by Andy Ruiz had continued to echo in my brain, Tyson’s comment about British boxers.

Joshua is a Nigerian born British boxing professional just like the great Canadian born British Lennox Lewis.

The most successful of the Brits is Lennox Lewis, whom I nickname, “Lion”. Lewis dominated the boxing ring for years with his skills and jabs.

He was a delight to watch as he went on to defeat such figures like Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson and many other American superstars.

Lewis was a lion in the ring.

Joshua needs to learn a lot from Lewis if he must excel on Saturday.

He should shed this “Ajebutter” style if he must go far in this most scientific game of boxing.

He must forget being an Olympic Gold medalist. He must become an animal, a monster to finish Ruiz on Saturday.

Only the animal in him can rock the Ruiz.

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