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Our Politics of Crass And Class

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ElevateNews takes a look at the various characters in our political space.

So that they could win by all means, the political elites deliberately engaged thugs who could snatch ballot boxes. They hired assassins to delete their opponents and bribed electoral umpires to rig the elections in their favour.

Nigeria’s democracy returned on a sad note in 1999 and up till now there has not been a meaningful improvement. Rather, the politicians have devised new ways of deciding the outcome of elections. Many elections are now being won at the courts.

There is no doubt, our judiciary is stinking and perhaps that was why President Muhammadu Buhari descended heavily on this arm of government a few months that he assumed office.

He ordered the Department of the State Service to raid the homes of some judges. Of course, he has to do so, having suffered so many losses at the court trying to reclaim electoral victory for over 12 years.

So angry during one of his court cases, Buhari vowed to make the country ungovernable. He was so frustrated by the electoral process that he called for revolution.

But today, the bad system he kicked against is helping him to fulfil his ambition. We thought he had come to instill discipline into the system but this government is aiding the atrocities because it favours it. The judiciary is not doing better, the Independent National Electoral Commission is weaker than it was about six years ago.

However, the rate of ballot boxes snatchers have reduced. Politicians now save money for litigations instead of hiring thugs to disrupt election exercise because they have since realised that there are a lots of loopholes in the electoral process that they can use to win at the court.

Our politics is a mixture of crass and class; those who do not know why they are in politics except to loot the public treasury and those who have good intention with genuine idea but lack the thuggery to implement it.

Before now, men and women of similar philosophy and principle formed political parties but today political parties are associations of gangsters with no particular ideology. That is why it is easy for politicians to jump from party to another without blinking their eyes.

Do you know that in less than two weeks that a new governor took over power in Imo State, almost all members of the opposition parties at the State assembly including the speaker had crossed to the All Progressives Congress.

Of course, we know that all the political parties are the same and until this shortcoming is addressed, democracy will continue to suffer. The system has given room to charlatans to be in politics. Emphasis is laid more on personal agenda than State service.

This manifested during the eighth assembly in which members of the same All Progressives Congress disagreed with their leaders just to realise their personal agenda. The crisis later deepened in which scores of members of the APC defected to the opposition party.

These members, including the former President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki and his counterpart for House Representatives, Speaker Yakubu Dogara vigorously campaign against the party that brought them to office.

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