Panic As Monkeypox Spreads In Nigeria

Panic As Monkeypox Spreads In Nigeria

Nigeria News take a look at the outbreak of Monkeypox.


Sometimes, it was Ebola, later it was Lassa fever and now Nigeria is battling Monkeypox.


The outbreak of virus diseases in Nigeria is becoming worrisome. Ebola, the hemorrhagic illness ravaged the country about three years ago when a Liberian businessman, Sawyer refused to be treated by Nigerian medical experts.


He brought death to Nigeria with his contaminated blood from Liberia. The Lagos State Government under the former Governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola in collaboration with foreign doctors rose against the scourge and ensured that Ebola death was minimal.


Every public place became mini health centre for citizens to check their temperature before conducting any business. The arrival and departure lounges of the country’s airports were manned with medical specialists for Ebola screening.


Those who sold Sanitizers made cool money as offices, schools and hospital made large requisitions to wash their hands against Ebola virus.


It did not stay long after the Federal Government had taken necessary precautionary measures that the World Health Organisation, WHO declared the country Ebola-free. Ebola has its origin from Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly known as the Zaire Republic.


During the Ebola scare in Nigeria, Bat became susceptible because it was identified as the main vector of the virus. Nigerian citizens were warned against eating or handling bats and till date, most Nigerians have desisted from eating bat meat.


However, the last two years have witnessed the outbreak of Lassa fever, another virus disease associated with rats. It has almost the same symptoms of Ebola. It’s also deadly. Lassa had killed more Nigerians in the last two years and ravaged almost all the states of the federation.


Like Ebola, a Lassa patient is quarantined because of the contagious tendency of the disease. Anybody that has been in contact with the patient is a potential danger and will be put under surveillance until he’s declared free of the disease.


Up till last two months, there were cases of Lassa in Nigeria but it appears that the country is able to control Lassa now.


But last week, there was an outbreak of another virus disease, monkeypox in Bayelsa state. No death had been recorded but no fewer than 10 people were immediately confirmed to have been infected while about 40 people were put under surveillance.


The disease had since spread to Port Harcourt Rivers State and on Sunday two cases of monkeypox were reported in Akwa Ibom state.


The Rivers State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Charles Udoh who confirmed it explained further that two other cases were being investigated for monkeypox.


However, there is a bit of confusion over the outbreak as WHO is yet to declare the disease as monkeypox. The Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole said last week that nobody could say precisely if the ravaging illness was monkeypox until the result of the samples sent to the WHO laboratory in Senegal confirmed it.


As it is, Nigerians are scared. Citizens are not ready to hug themselves again due to the scare of monkeypox.

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