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Paying The Price For Past Maladministration

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ElevateNews takes a look at the price Nigerians have to pay for the maladministration of their past leaders.

Youths constitute about 65 per cent of Nigeria’s population. Ninety per cent of this youthful population has no job while those who have jobs are underemployed.

They have become so susceptible to hard drugs, violence and crime. This is the more reason why the crime rate has been on the increase. They are not the cause of the bad economy but they feel the burn more than most adults.

This generation of youths is paying the price for the past maladministration of our past leaders. The past generation, many of whom are still controlling the affairs of this country, has refused to quit, instead, they plant their children to carry on where they have stopped.

Nigeria was once a great country. Those who lived in the era of prosperity and quality leadership enjoyed. Many of them are still alive. Their prayer is that God should turn back the hands of time when government and private enterprises begged them with good jobs as soon as they graduated from university.

In those times, Nigeria produced goods for export; Naira to Dollar exchange rate was good. Nigerians were respected across the world. They could apply for Visa and get it without stress because the country was running quality education and economy.

Our forefathers built a future that was later destroyed by the military rulers. Many of the present crop of politicians joined in destroying this nation. They looted this country dry until the youths that were neglected began to regroup in the form of militants and later terrorists.

The youths are much involved in kidnapping, gangsterism, cultism and banditry. The children of political elites are not safe anymore. Youths who cannot kill take to internet fraud. In this, they kill their victims by tricks.

The government is worried now. The youths that these political office holders could not train had since become their albatross but in addressing the issue, it is these youths that will still pay the price.

If we want a better country, then we must be ready to suffer now. A lot of money must be earmarked for the capital project to build roads and rails. There has never been a time when the budget for education hits the 26 per cent recommended standard of the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.

The budget for infrastructure is very germane to this government. Nigeria economy is running on infrastructure deficit and if it must become an economic power in the nearest future, this country must get its arrangement right.

The power generation is poor. It cannot sustain the kind of economy required of a developed economy that must run on modern technology. Education, health will have to wait, which means the youths that form the largest population of stakeholders in the education sector must suffer more as the government is trying to build a better infrastructure.

Anyway, the government is of the view that building infrastructure is another way of engaging the youths through the provision of contract jobs.

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