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PDP is dead, says Senator Girei

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Former Chairman, Sen­ate House Services Committee, Senator Abubakar Halilu Girei, has de­clared that the Peoples Dem­ocratic Party (PDP), has gone into oblivion because of its inability to manage its victory ever since it emerged as the country’s ruling party in 1999.

Girei, who said this while in­teracting with Sunday Sun also declared that the North-East geopolitical zone of the country has become the stronghold of the All Progressives Congress (APC),because of the genuine intention of President Muham­madu Buhari and his team to change the trends of underde­velopment of the region.

The Senator, who represent­ed Adamawa Central Senato­rial District and a foundation member of the PDP asserted that PDP has lost its relevance because of its maladministra­tion within the party, lack of political ideology, lack of focus leadership which culminated in its failure to have its bearings in the 16 years it held sway as the ruling political party.

As a result, he said, the then ruling party is no longer in ex­istence as a formidable politi­cal party, but floating in name because the good dream of its founding fathers is now blurred.

He further asserted that, PDP has been lost to the ruling All Progressives Congress, in the Northeast because of misgov­ernance by its leadership and lack of internal democracy as well as the failure by the former President Goodluck Jonathan to reconcile the aggrieved party stalwarts who had frowned at the imposition of candidates.

“If you say I am a foundation member of the PDP, you are right. I am also sure you know that I am no longer in the PDP because PDP is dead. There is no political party called PDP,” he asserted.

“If anybody tells you that there is PDP, tell him that he doesn’t know what politics is all about. We have been vindicat­ed. I remember vividly, on the 14th of March, 2015,two weeks to the presidential elections when President Goodluck came to Yola where all the stakehold­ers had a meeting with him, with a view to reconciling be­fore going for the general elec­tions as one united family and the president failed to reconcile the party’s stakeholders. Since that day I knew that the PDP was gone and finished. Since then I ceased to be a member of the PDP.

“From the present trends, we in Adamawa State and we in the north-east have been ac­commodated by President Mu­hammadu Buhari and the APC in the current government. I don’t think there is anybody in Adamawa and the North-east that belongs to any other party than the APC,” Girei stated.

He anticipated that the APC would do what no other govern­ment has done to the North-east region since the inception of Ni­geria, hence the rally round by all and sundry.

While he anticipated that there may be formation of a new political party before the 2019 general elections, Girei said he doubted the possibility of the North-east jettisoning the APC because he holds the be­lief that APC would surpass the present development trends be­fore the next general elections.

He said that there may be feelings in some quarters to form an opposition party that may probably checkmate the APC before 2019, but doubted the possibility of the yet to be formed party to offstage the APC.

According to him, democ­racy would lose its meaning if there is no political party stress­ing however that, “that is not to say that I, as a person, will join the opposition party because in the present trends, in Adamawa and in the north-east geopoliti­cal zone, we are part and parcel of the Buhari’s government “

On the Boko Haram imbro­glio in the North-east, Senator Girei declared that the issue of insurgency has been tackled head on by Buhari’s govern­ment with utmost seriousness it deserved, which he said was a clear departure from the PDP administration that had no po­litical will to tackle it.

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