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Police And Corruption: A Peep Into Misau’s Allegations

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Nigeria News take a look at the allegations and counter allegations between Senator Isah Misau representing Bauchi Central and the Nigeria Police/Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris


Senator Isah Misau representing Bauchi Central Senatorial District has been charged to court by the Federal Government for spreading injurious falsehood against Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris.


The senator who himself was a former police officer had alleged that the IG received as much as N2.5 million from police officers for promotion and sumptuous posting.


He also alleged that Idris impregnated two female police officers, which is against the ethics of the profession. He wanted the Senate to summon the police IG for questioning.


Misau’s recent allegation was that the police IG presented two cars to Mrs Aisha Buhari wife of President Muhammadu Buhari as gifts.


The first lady in a swift reaction took to her twitter account that she never received any car from the IGP and that Misau had lied against her.


Misau raised this allegation when he was being interrogated by the Senate Committee on Investigation.


The Nigeria Police Force had earlier come up with various accusations against Misau, saying that he left the force without following due process.


The police stressed that it received a petition prior to all the allegations being made that Misau gave a different date of birth when he joined the Nigerian Police Force and left.


The police also said that the senator forged the birth certificate. According to the police, the birth certificate that Senator Misau submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission was obtained from Bauchi State Health Management Board in 2011 and another one in 2014 are different from what he used in the Police Force.


Commenting on the allegations and counter allegations by the police and the senator, a public affairs analyst Biodun Sowunmi said there is a major problem in the country around corruption; either real or imagined.


He said that though Misau had some questions to answer, the allegation against the police IG must not be swept under the carpet. “The background of it needs to be looked at,” he said.


He revealed that there are situations where the anti-corruption battle itself is exploited by other people either to protect themselves from one allegation or the other.

To him, corrupt people explore such gimmicks to stop statutory agencies like the Nigeria Police Force from carrying out investigations.


He stated that the Nigerian Police Force has its own image problems and Nigerians on a daily basis encounter the Police Force.


He said so many IGs have been trying their best to tackle the situation but they are still stuck in the mud.


To him, Misau was making counter allegation so as to dodge the police from investigating him. “The police have the duty to investigate; but when the IG decided that the case should be investigated, Misau rushed to the chambers and made counter allegations.”


Misau went to the extent of reporting Idris to the Police Service Commission because he thought the commission could discipline the Inspector General of Police.


To Sowunmi, Misau will have to substantiate the fact that commissioners of Police are paying for promotions by providing a list of those people that had paid such money.


He stressed that officers who are performing excellently and gallant soldiers who are fighting terrorism in this country need to be encouraged.


He stated further that the IG needs to understand the fact that they have to dispense authority, judiciously and implement the law as it is.

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