Police Parade Notorious Kidnapper Herdsman  

Police Parade Notorious Kidnapper Herdsman

The Edo State Police Command has arrested a notorious kidnapper, popularly known as Muritala Umaru in the state.


The state Commissioner of Police, Babatunde Kokumo said that Umaru usually disguised as herdsman to kidnap and abduct innocent people for ransom.


He said that Umaru had been on and off prisons for several crimes, adding that one of the prison officers who had fallen victim to kidnappers easily identified the herdsman turned kidnapper.


Confessing, Umaru said that he and his gangs had kidnapped over 50 persons and that he had made about N100 million since he joined the criminal group four years ago.


According to Umaru, a popular chief (names withheld) in Kogi lured him and some other herdsmen into kidnapping and since they got into the crime, they did not have much time after the cattle.


Umaru confessed to being a cattle breeder, adding that he still has some of his animals with his colleagues who refused to join the kidnapping gangs.


He told the police that he was born in Lokoja, Kogi State but lives in Auchi Edo State where he had been launching attacks to some parts of the country to abduct people for ransom.


“I have kidnapped people in Kogi, Edo and some other states,” he said.


Asked if he always made money from all his victims, Umaru said no, adding that some of the victims were killed because they refused to pay a ransom.

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