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Power Outage and Many Contradicting Excuses of IKEDC

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ElevateNews takes a look at the many contradicting excuses of IKEDC over the continued power outage in some areas of Lagos and Ogun State.

There is no doubt about it that those who ran down the National Electric Power Authority, the Power Holding Company of Nigeria are the one still doing the jobs for the Electricity Distribution Companies across the country.

The Power supply has gone worse during this raining season as the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company continues to give contradicting excuses to appeal to its customers. When it rains, power supply drops and excuses rain.

For 26 days still counting, some communities under IKEDC coverage have been living in darkness due to the inefficiency of the technical team of the distribution company.

First, the company gave the excuse that a 33kv substation at Akute developed fault but for more than three weeks now, the company could not rectify the fault.

Later, it said that there was a fault on Oke Aro feeder that supplied some communities but each time it rectifies the error, the problem relapses.

IKEDC latest excuse is that the persistent rain and the attendant flood have submerged some of its equipment, making it difficult to rectify the fault.

Earlier last week, a source at the IKEDC said that flood swept a python on one of the equipment, which continually tripped off the supply each time it was rectified.

Not until the python was cut into two by the electric power, the technical team could not work in the flooded area at Warewa, a community along Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

Sometime, the IKEDC complained that the fault could only be rectified by the Transmission Company of Nigeria but what worries most customers is that the IKEDC still brings estimated bill despite the power outage.

It was gathered that the IKEDC had partnered with the company supplying prepaid meter to delay the supply so that it could extort Nigerians more with the estimated bill.

As at Sunday, the IKEDC said that it had diverted the line away from the flooded area so that it could supply power to the customers that had been in darkness for weeks.

Without this, it is obvious that many customers will be living without light until the flood is abated because the technical team does not have the modern tools to solve this kind of problem. Ordinarily, the company ought to have prepared for this situation so that it does not subject its customers to perpetual darkness.

It was also learnt that IKEDC hardly invested in modern technology and that it is using many of the obsolete equipment it inherited from the old PHCN and NEPA.

The company is also scared about the Federal Government’s plan to revoke its license and that of six other discos for not leaving up to expectation. A few days ago, the World Bank approved $3 billion to expand its electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure.

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