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Presidential Debate: Real Actors Run Away, Underdogs Entertain Audience

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Nigeria News takes a look at the presidential debate and the performance of underdogs.

After the Saturday presidential debate in Abuja, most Nigerians did not miss President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress, neither did they miss the Peoples Democratic Party’s candidate Atiku Abubakar.

The other presidential candidates, Prof Kingsley Moghalu, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili and Fela Durotoye did more than compensating the absence of the real actors, one of whom will definitely win the February election.

In the first place, why must I listen to men who would make me puke? Why must I bother about spent men whose only interest in power is for the cabals and friends who surround them to milk the nation dry?

Why should I begin to analyse errors of men who simply won’t want to let go of power at their old age without stamina or idea to recreate the populous African nation.

The debate proved them all wrong. It showed that not only Buhari has what it takes to change Nigeria. It proved them wrong that Atiku is not the only alternative. Men who ran away from debates and lost the opportunity to sell their programmes to the voters.

I’m happy that if given the chance, Durotoye and Moghalu can fix Nigeria. I’m happy that our number does not count for nothing. There are youths who knew just how to fix Nigeria. You made me proud Durotoye. You made me proud Ezekwesili. You made me proud Prof Kingsley Moghalu.

Youth according to INEC makes up 60 percent of the voting population and should they vote right they could change the nation’s politics and its ugly narrative. That’s the basis of Moghalu’s confidence. It sums up the inner strength that gives vitality to Durotoye and Ezekwesili.

For me tonight, I give my all to a Moghalu’s Presidency. You no doubt have what it takes and sounded so positive to getting there.

You’re simply breath taking and I think you simply swept many Nigerians off their feet for two solid hours.

That Buhari and Atiku were absent at the presidential debate is no longer news. That Atiku came but chickened out was not unexpected. That he didn’t know that the incumbent would not be there was untrue. That he disregarded other contestants was deliberate just like the old man at Aso Rock. The possibility of getting bruises with the underdogs was higher if he had dared it alone.

Atiku is carrying a baggage that can only be shared with the incumbent… Truly, without PMB on the stage with him the debate would drown him. The battle was about self-preservation and not the people. The absentees shared some elements the underdogs lacked.

Unfortunately, Omoyele Sowore was left out of the debate,the only voice that would have said it the way it is.

They (Moghalu, Durotoye, Ezekwesili) came, entertained the audience but what had that done to their electoral projections. Ironically, most of the citizens are still looking in the direction of the absentees.

Why the debate after all when its role seems irrelevant or translate to votes at the polls.

Our election is not always about issues or manifestos but about the captured institutions that have been positioned for the victory of their parties.

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