Pretty Mike Explains Why He Leashes Ladies in Public

Pretty Mike Explains Why He Leashes Ladies in Public

Mike Nwogu, the popular Lagos socialite, and owner of Club Uno popularly known as Pretty Mike has come out with a statement on why he chained some girls on a dog leash and took them to different events recently.

He claims that he took the action so as to advocate for women who “have no voice.”

Recall that the Lagos state government arrested the club owner after a public outcry for his actions as he was pictured twice in public leading girls on a leash to different occasions.

He was made to sign an undertaken never to do it again before he was released and asked to put out a public apology which he has since done.

The Lagos state police after that stated that the case will be treated as a criminal charge which has also led to some sort of outcry against free will.

In his statement, Pretty Mike made reference to the way women are being subjugated around the world most especially in Nigeria and he said he was doing it to get the attention of people and talk about women who don’t have a voice.

He made reference to the Northern Emir who took a 15 year old girl forcefully to marry off and also made mention of women who suffer emotional, physical and psychological torture as being on a leash.

Part of his statement read, “Yes, there are other ways I could have gone about it but there has to be a new way all the time. This is the era of social media and if I come up with a good write-up about women advocacy, nobody would pay attention to me. I would not even get up to ten ‘likes’. We are in the era of social media and if you pay close attention, something drastic has to happen to get the attention of people on social media. Most of the people that have become popular on social media did so by doing something drastic, different and unique.”

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