Prince Eke Accuses Wife, Muma Gee of Being a Fetish Adulterer

Prince Eke Accuses Wife, Muma Gee of Being a Fetish Adulterer

The battle between musician Muma Gee and popular Nollywood actor Prince Eke has gone very dirty in recent times with both sides airing their dirty laundry in public and when it seemed it couldn’t get any worse, it even plunged deeper.

Prince Eke went on social media some weeks back to blast his wife for abandoning their children and going to party and club with men and she responded recently by granting an interview where she said that she gave him all to keep her marriage to restless husband.

Muma Gee, during the interview spoke about how she gave him all to ensure that the marriage worked as she had to give up her career and become a full time house wife for 6 years so as to satisfy her husband.

“I gave the marriage all my life, all my time,” said Muma Gee, “but if the persons involved are restless a bit, you can’t be in control.”

This led her husband to respond to the claims by putting up a post on his Instagram page that went thus, “If infidelity, adultery and certain fetish activities does NOT make you RESTLESS, then prepare to REST IN PEACE.”

It remains to be seen how this all will pan out with the eyes of the public on their marriage.

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